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  Enter The Matrix Sound Unpacker v1.0
This tool is provided "AS IS" and CoDe RiPPeR cannot be held responsible
of any data corruption, hardware damage and other terrible thing that
could happen :)

Enter The Matrix Sound Unpacker v1.0 is a small tool for decompression
of game sound files into a standart PCM wave format. Actually it is a
shell for calling IMA ADPCM decompresion routines from the Miles Sound
System main DLL. This is a console mode program, so all you need to do
is to type 'UnpSnd '.
can be any .adx (music), .adp or .wad (fx) file.
should be one of the following:
-sfx - use to unpack fx from *.adp/*.wad files (*.adp - sound streams,
*.wad - collections of fx sounds in one file)
-mus - use to unpack sound from *.adx files
-manual - allows you to decompress file with your own parameters
For any other questions, about how the program works, please refer to
the source code.

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