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  CyClones [cheats]
Cheat codes are entered at the command line by typing "CYCLONES 8335791" followed by the desired code(s).


CYCLONES 8335791 [-D(E M H)] [-W(1-8)] [-L] [] [-A(1-3)] [-J][startx starty] [startz]


* -D(E M H) Set difficulty (DE = easy, DM=medium, DH=hard)

* -W<#> Start with weapons up to the number specified.

(i.e., -W3 will provide weapons 1 through 3 - the Gauss Pistol, the Chaingun, and the Alien Pistol)

* -L<#> Start at level number (e.g. CYCLONES 8335791 -L5)

Note that levels 9, 17, 18, 20, and 24 are incomplete and are not visited during normal gameplay.

* Specify a map by name (the .MAP files in the directory)
Location defaults to (1,1).

* -A<#> Start with armored suit/hand weapon 1-3 for the game. 1=Sabre glove. 2=Saw glove. 3=Nano hand.

* -J Start with a fully charged jump jet.

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