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  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - savegame
This save game file has 100% completion and takes up the first slot in your saved game files. In this save game, all the following has been completed:

- all main story missions complete

- all extra missions and asset missions complete

- all 15 properties are owned

- 100 hidden packages collected

- 36 unique jumps jumped

- 35 rampages passed

- all 5 assassinations complete

- all RC races, chopper races, Car Showroom street races, arena missions, dirt track, and all other races are finished

- paramedic level 12 reached (infinite sprint)

- firetruck level 12 reached (fireproof)

- vigilante level 12 reached (150 body armor)

- pizza delivery level 10 reached (150 health)

- 100 fares delivered in taxi (taxis get boost)

- all stores robbed

Since the game is finished, you have a maximum of 200 health and 200 armor and a new t-shirt at Vercetti Estate. You also get three bodyguards who you can hire (they are in the room to the right of Vercetti Estate when you first enter and they cost $1000 each). You have the Rhino Tank and Hunter at Fort Baxter Air Base and you can also find the Hunter on the helipad near the house that's by the lighthouse. All vehicles now have double the health, so they can take more damage. In this save game all the garages (except the one at El Swanko Casa) have Cheetah's and PCJ's. I hope you enjoy this save game!!!

-from JPaterson000

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