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  Vietcong [cheats]
Start game as usual. During gameplay press TILDE to go to console,

then enter the following cheats followed by ENTER:

GIFTFROMPTERODON - Enable Access To The Following Cheat Codes:
CHTHEAL - Restore Health
CHTHEALTEAM - Restore Health For Team
CHTWEAP (X) - Get Weapon Where X Is Value 0-30
CHTAMMO - Refill Ammunition
CHTGRENADES - Get Grenades
CHTALLQF - Access Quickfights
CHT3PV (0/1) - Play In 3rd Person View
CHTKOSTEJ - God mode
SHOWFPS (0/1) - Show FPS Information
SHOWPROF (0/1) - Show Other Statistics

-from PizzaDox

How To Fly
To fly if you are on the Viet Cong team you have to crawl up to the top of helicopter and crawl off to the right. You should then fall through the ground instantly. You will have to press CTRL as soon as you fall through the ground (or else you'll keep falling and it will take for ever to get back up). Once you've stopped falling press SPACE BAR. You should keep going up and through the ground,then you have to press CTRL again to stop going up and voila your flying.

The controls of flying are hard to master. So it will be awhile for you to master them. To go up press SPACE BAR, but be careful once you go up you can't stop. To stop press CTRL,but once you've pressed CTLR you keep going down to you hit the ground. The way I do it is hold CTRL until I get to the place I want to go then let go. Also this cheat won't work if you've set the controls different from default (the way the controls were when you got the game).

-from martin

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