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  Anno 1503 AD [cheats]
1503 A.D. Cheat file & Key Chart

[Doc updated by: Mr Oldmanal][Updated on: 6.April.03]

First make a backup of your original annoframe.dll file, then

replace your annoframe.dll with the one included in this release.

In the game, press the following combinations to receive goods :)

Combination Result

CTRL + T +5 Tools
CTRL + H +5 Wood
CTRL + Z +5 Stone
CTRL + M +5 Money

You can also hold down the keys so it will go up faster.

SHIFT + C Cheat menu

Open up the BGruppen file in /1503AD/DATA with word or notepad and find the line under Bedarfsgüter

Preis: 900
PreisLevel: 0,5,10

Edit Preis to any number you want and your settlers will pay that ammount at the tavern. I have set it to 900 which makes everyone pay 900 per drink but this does not affect there mood.

- from Blooduk

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