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  Breath of Fire IV [trainer +8]
Training options:
1 - max out stats for Ryu
2 - Max out Stats for Nina
3 - Max Out Stats for Cray
4 - Max out Stats for Scias
5 - Max out Stats for Ursula
6 - Max out Stats for Ershin
7 - Max Out Stats for Fou-Lo
8 - Unlimited Money

Max out stats do the following:
9999 hp
999 ap
255 cp
99 strength
99 defense
99 agility
99 wisdom

Run the trainer, and then run the game, the usual shit :)

Basically u only need to run the trainer once when u want to max out the
characters and get lots of money, then u can save and dont need the
trainer again, the stats are maxed and lots of money ...
But if u want it to keep KEEPING the HP at max all the time, then keep
the trainer on :) ....its minimized on system-tray when active....

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