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  Big Mutha Truckers [all access cheat]
note: to make sure pizza doesnt get the wrong idea, we didnt steal this
from their dox rls. so fuck you, and dont point acusations.
check the fuckyou.jpg for proof mothafuckers .. ...

-- Start the game, Go to Options, Go to the Cheats Menu and enter
the following codes:

LOTSAMONEY - Lots of Money
CHEATINGMUTHATRUCKER - Enable All Cheats cep VARLEY and Evil Truck
LAZYPLAYER - Unlock All Missions
ATJCEHJMJ - Another one: Enable All Cheats cept VARLEY and Evil Truck
VICTORS - Diplomatic Immunity
VARLEY - Get Evil Truck
DAISHI - Small People everywhere!
GINGERBEER - Fast Truck (hyperfast)
PUBLICTRANSPORT - Unlimited Mission Timer
6WL - No Damage

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