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  Harbinger [trainer +11]
Trainer Notes:
1 - Unlimited Health
2 - Get Loads Of Money (To get the money buy/sell something)
3 - Unlimited Weapon Power
4 - Unlimited Mines
5 - Unlimited Skill Points
6 - Remove Requirements From Items
7 - Fast Leveling (Kill 1 enemy to level up)
8 - Unlimited Amp
9 - Easy Gameplay (1 hit kills)
Q - Fast Mode
W - Slow Mode
E - Resume All To Normal

NOTE: The reason that we made fast leveling instead of max level
is that when you use pizzas max level option you wont gain any skill
points and the levels alone dont help in any way (unlimited skill
points does not work before you gain some in pizzas nor in our
trainer.) So after using pizzas option you cant level up and train
your character.

Fast mode is for long missions where you have to walk
long distances and search big areas and the slow mode is for the
situations where there is plenty of enemies and its too hard to target
on them since they move so fast and the games targeting system is not
the best possible.

What comes to our unlimited health option we made a
mistake in the coding of our first trainer and thats why it didnt work
for all characters allthough it did not affect human fire power as
pizza said. Now the health option is also fixed. Enjoy :)

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