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  Command & Conquer Generals v1.3 [trainer +9]
A Few Words First
God damn it.. i suppose it will teach me to make sure i get my shit right
if im gunna rls a trainer for a popular game.. im sorry about the fuckup
on v1.02 it was a serious oversight on my part and the engine slipped
through the testers cus they followed the same setup as i told them.. it
seemed that due to a rushed engine (my bad) there were complications when
getting the trainer to work.. it DID work.. but u needed to do a few things
first.. like NOT launch it from inside its folder etc.. my stupidity is
endless. but its all fixed now.. :)

neways.. enuff bullshit..

1) make sure u fucking update first.. sick of idiots that dont..
2) make sure u read this nfo.. sick of morons coming to me saying
this trainer makes their games laggy.. if u read the nfo you
will know how to avoid this.. its pretty simple.. COME ON PEOPLE!
3) ill bet my left testicle on the fact that i will still get idiots
coming to me saying this shit so why do i bother?? :)))

This trainer is for SINGLE PLAYER MODE... it will work with everything in
a single player game.. meaning SKIRMISH and all the CAMPAIGNS.. its not
been tested on LAN play.. because to be honest.. why would u want to cheat
friends playing on a lan ANYWAY? if it DOES happen to work over LAN then
consider it a bonus.. SINGLE and MULTIPLAYER trainers are very different
things.. most of the time MULTIPLAYER trainers usually require a certain
degree of cracking protections layed down by the game coders themselves
they need to be kept seperate and NOT really rlsed through the scene
because at the end of the day it DESTROYS online gaming.. ever tried
playing against some wanker with a trainer? its not nice!!

Trainer Options
Well, on with the show.. Ive done some trainers in the past that ive been
very proud of.. im adding this one to the list :) if u enjoy using it half
as much as I enjoyed making it then u will have a great time :)


I = Indestructable (SELECTED) units/vehicles (SEE NOTES)
K = Reduce (SELECTED) units/vehicles/buildings to 0 health (SEE NOTES)
N = Instant Build Units/Vehicles (SEE NOTES)
B = Instant Build Buildings ON
V = Instant Build Buildings OFF
M = Infinite Money
P = Infinite Power
G = Infinite General Points
L = Level 5 General Status (SEE NOTES)
X = Units Upgrade To 3 Stripes After First Kill ON (SEE NOTES)
Z = Units Upgrade To 3 Stripes After First Kill OFF


I - This option uses the selection routines.. what u need to do is first
Select as many of ur units as u want.. once they are selected press
the the "I" key and they will become indestructable.. dont forget to
turn it off once u have done this with the "T" key.. word of warning

K - Same as above.. this option uses the selection routines.. you dont
actually have to select the unit/vehicle/building with this.. you
can just move your mouse across it and it will be reduced to 0
health instantly.. again.. dont forget to turn this off after use
with the "T" key.. u dont want to reduce ur own men to 0 :)
this option works safely with buildings.. btw.. u can wipe out an
army in seconds with this option :)

T - Again, as mentioned above.. this key is NOT an option.. it just turns
off both of the above options when ur finished using them..

N - Instant Build Units/Vehicles does not have a switch ON/OFF because this
option does NOT benefit the computer in any way.. the code i used to
inject into isnt used by the computer player so once this is active the
computer will still be building at the normal rate.. while u will be
pumping them out.. btw.. the first unit/vehicles built from a factory
etc.. after the option is selected always has a slight delay.. after
that first one the rest come flying out..

L - For this option.. once selected it puts ffff into ur experience so that
u become a 5 star general.. all u need to do is activate it by killing
an enemy unit.. anything will do..

X - One of my last minute options so a bit dirty im affraid.. im sure some
people will appreciate it.. when u select this option.. any unit that
kills ANYTHING will instantly be given 3 stripes making them super
units.. I suggest u use this option in conjunction with option "I"..
that way only ur troops get the 3 stripes..


As i said above.. use options U and I together to get super elite hard
fucking troops/veicles :)

Make all ur spy drones indestructable so that u can see the enemy base
at all times..

Reduce all enemy base building to 0 health before wading in and killing

im sure u can figure out more useful applications..



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