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  Deer Avenger 2 [cheats]
Extra points:
Hit the bottles in the club to get more points. Also, try shooting the dartboard in the club, the red truck in town, and the paintings in the office. Avoid the people when shooting.

Full auto weapon:
Select the REM-16, click on a location, click the Right Mouse Button, then hold the Left Mouse Button on the hunt sign. Keep holding the Right Mouse Button until game play begins. If done correctly, your gun will be fully automatic.

Get the REM-16 and die two times.

Easy kill:
When you start, you will have full fart. Save this for later. If facing a Boss or someone that is to hard to shoot and kill, duck and hold Z until you are out of fart. This should almost kill them.

Machine gun sound:
In the city level, the Russian man is using a handgun but some times you will hear a machine gun.

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