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  Lord of the Rings: FOTR ( all savegames)
Undertake a fantastic journey following the same path
as the Fellowship in the book. Play as either Frodo,
Aragorn, or Gandalf the Grey. As you take the fabled
One Ring closer to its fate, you will explore the most
dangerous wilds of Middle-earth from the Shire to the
very edge of Mordor.

Here we have gathered the saves, that will let you be
able to access all levels in this fantastic game;

* Hobbiton
* Bywater
* Green Hill
* Forest Labyrinth
* Withywindle Path
* Barrow Downs
* Bree
* Weathertop Hill
* A knife in the Dark
* Troll Shaws
* Rivendell
* Hollin Gate
* Labyrinth
* 3 Passages
* 2nd Hall
* Abyss Fight
* Lothlorien
* Orc Dam
* Amon Hen

[ Install Information ]

Copy the saves into the \Fellowship\Saves directory
start the game, and enjoy this splendid game.

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