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  Cricket 2002 [cheats]
1)Goto Inside EA
2)Higlight credits but don't click on it
3)Type in the following codes while credits is still highlighted

Easily hit 4's and 6's : sbatsman
Big Bat : bigbat
Fielders can't catch : butter
Unlock teams & Stadiums : ulock all
All Fielders Look Like the Umpire : fatfielders


Using the same method (highlighting credits button):
fatfielders: fielders become fat umpires
ulocknzlsaf: all-time newzealand and south africa teams
ulockate: all-time england team
hbstudios: HB studios team
ulockastar: all star team
bigbat: bigbat
ulockall: unlock all cheats
sharjahtmnt: sharjah four team tournament
butter: fielders can't catch
bouncyball: ball bounces when hit (doesn't roll)
sbatsmen: super batsmen

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