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  Hard Truck - 18 Wheels Of Steel [savegame cheat]
Hard Truck - 18 Wheels Of Steel SaveGame
-from Jules (

Put this savegame in your \game\usr\save folder and load
it up in HT18.
You will start out in San Francisco (easy level) on the
first day of a new company, but you will have $800,000
instead of $10,000!
Didn't make it $1,000,000 because that would actually end
the adventure. With $800,000 you'll have the money to buy
the best truck on the lot, including all the lil extras
such as CB radio, GPS, scanner...

Also a little extra: Edit config.cfg (found in \game\usr)
and add the following lines at the bottom:

bind_imp f2 "service"
bind_imp f3 "weightstation"
bind_imp f4 "gasstation"

In the game press "F2" to get the service station menu,
press "F3" to get the weightstation menu (buy a license?)
or press "F4" to get the gas station menu.


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