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  FarScape [trainer +10]
Trainer Notes
XP users can use the trainer hotkeys from within the game..
2k 98 etc.. need to ALT-TAB out of the game and choose from there..
sorry for doubting u LB :)

The game ALT-TABS nicely.. so u wont have any problems there..

I tested this game on 3 boxes and only the XP box let me use hotkeys
from within the game.. i dont know why.. but thats life..

01. "Z" - Infinite Health
02. "N" - Infinite Credits
03. "F" - Infinite Ammo

04. "X" - MAX Chemical Attack Resistance *see special note*
05. "C" - MAX Energy Attack Resistance *see special note*
06. "V" - MAX Pysical Attack Resistance *see special note*
"B" - Turn Off Mouse Driven MAX resistance

07. "Q" - Super Speed
"A" - Super Speed OFF

08. "D" - Enemy Loses Missile Fire

09. "T" - Paralyze All Enemies
"G" - Turn Paralyze Off

10. "W" - Kill All Enemies
"S" - Turn Kill All Off

Special Notes

04..05..06.. these options all run from the mouse.. choose the option
then run the mouse over whoever u want to get max protection.. dont
engage enemies with this on or they get it aswell.. best thing to do
is this.. press X,C,V move the mouse over all ur characters.. then
press B to turn it off.. that works fine :))

08. All enemies that have a missile attack will LOSE IT :)

09. U need to use this on missions (NOT IN THE CITY).. always turn the
option off when going into the city or areas with non enemies.

10. Same as 09.. only use this on missions with enemies all around :)

I know thats a lot to remember.. but i take it u managed to turn on ur
computer today.. so following those simple guidelines shouldnt tax ur
brain 2 much...


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