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  Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project - Nudepatch
Impotant Info: Before you install the patch, create a backup copy of the file "db_e01.zipfs" in the "/duke/base" subdir of the Duke Nukem - MP folder. I know this are 80MB, but if the game is running you can delete it. If the game hang while starting a level (screen stay black und music is running) just copy it back and send me a mail ( - Patch - Error) so a can solve the problem. :-)

In contrast to the nudepatches for GTA3 and F1 2002 the installation of the nudepatch for Duke Nukem - MP is really simple:

Just copy all 4 file (everything except this help dir) into the subdir "duke/base" in your Duke Nukem - MP game folder.
run the "duke_patch.bat" (double click)

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