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  Carnivores 2 [cheats]
It's a 4-5 month old game, but NO ONE has done cheats for it!
So here they are

Debug Mode:

Type in "debugup" during play to get debug mode. You will see
coordinates appear in the top right hand corner and Dinos will
ignore you unless you shoot them.

CTRL Run Faster

SHIFT+S Slow Motion

CTRL+N Long Jumps

SHIFT+T Show Frame Rate

TAB Full Map


SHIFT+F Fog On/Off

SHIFT+M 3D Objects On/Off

Safe Spot:

When you have debug mode on, find a dino wall, a very steep hill,
or something like stonehinge (on Fort Caskin, to the east where
the sand beach meets the forest), (dino wallonly on two levels,
look in level selection) do a super jump and land up on the object.

Duplicate Hunter:

At the log in screen click on the hunter that you want to duplicate
the points from. Erase the highlighted name. Type in a new hunter
name. Hit enter and then accept the hunting waiver. Voila! You now
have a new hunter with all of the points of the hunter that you

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