Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Atrox [cheats]
Start game, goto console (hit ENTER) and enter the following cheats then
hit ENTER again to apply:

capture a hill - Win Level
whats the hurry up - Instant Build
cool atrox - Invincible Units
curse the enemy - Kill Enemy Units
destroy the enemy - Explode Enemy Base
destroy my town - Explode Own Base
slaughter jack - Explode All Units
something special for you - Upgrade All Units/Buildings
atrox power up <# Muon> <# Quark> - Give 5000 Resources Of Each Type Or
The Amounts You Specify
the rich man feed - ?
find out non dry spring - ?
over the rainbow <#> - ?
show fps - Show Korean Crap
CL Ver - Show More Korean Crap


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