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  Domain Wars [trainer +6]
Small game that seemed to be the only thing trainable today.
Have fun. Don't go too crazy with the buttons as each unit
maxes at 255 and really you don't need that many.

Trainer Notes:

F1 - Add 16 pesants
F2 - Add 16 Soldiers
F3 - Add 16 Knights
F4 - Add 16 Diplomats
F5 - Add 4096 Gold
F6 - Set Hero Hp to 255

Always backup before using a trainer. Even though they are tested
they are not flawless.

Trainers are meant for the single person version and may have
unpredictable results if used on network games. Always ensure
the trainer says, "can be used on network or multiplayer games".


1. Unpack.
2. Run Game.
3. Run Trainer.

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