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  ALCATRAZ: Prison Escape - walktrough/FAQ
A FAQ/Walkthrough - version 1.0

by Dallas Scott (
Last updated on: April 29, 2002

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I. Introduction
II. Default Controls
III. Game Overview
- Display Screen
- Score Details
- Hints and Tips
IV. Frequently Asked Questions
V. Walkthrough
- Part 1: Work Release Camp
- Part 2: Rockingham County Rotunda
- Part 3: Alcatraz (Island)
- Part 4: Alcatraz (Highrise)
- Part 5: Alcatraz (Super Max)
VI. Information



In Alcatraz: Prison Escape, you play the role of Nate Derek, a college
professor who has been falsely convicted of murdering two of his students.
Ironically, the same fate befell Nate's father and grandfather as well. Nate
is on a quest to not only escape from prison but to prove his innocence once
and for all. You'll be playing through five separate prison areas where you
must collect many items, talk to many prisoners and even some corrupt guards,
all in an attempt to escape.

Despite the fact that this game is packed to the brim with bugs and
glitches, I did find it to be pretty fun (albeit a bit short). I wrote a FAQ
for it mainly because the request was high for one, so hopefully this will
help out all those who have become stuck!


V1.0 (04/29/2002): This is the initial release of the FAQ and everything
is finished. The walkthrough is complete as are all of the other sections.



W key - Walk forward
S key - Walk backward
D key - Strafe right
A key - Strafe left
Right-click - Open/Check
Left-click - Fire weapon
X key - Crouch
E key - Lean right
Q key - Lean left
F key - Turn flashlight on/off
O key - Display objectives
R key - Reload weapon
] key - Next inventory item
[ key - Previous inventory item
F11 - Quick save
F12 - "Quick" load
1 key - Weapon 1 (fists)
2 key - Weapon 2 (nightstick)
3 key - Weapon 3 (pepperspray)
4 key - Weapon 4 (9mm pistol)
5 key - Weapon 5 (rifle)

* You must set other controls, like the run ability, on your own in the
controls menu (under options).



GAME DISPLAY: The game display is all of the icons on your screen. You'll
most likely learn what all of them mean within the first few minutes of
playing, but I'll describe them here anyway.

Health status: The left (red) bar in the lower-left corner is your health
meter. You start out with 100 and everytime you get hurt- be it by touching
steam, falling from a high place, etc. -your meter will decrease. When it
reaches 0, you have to start over.

Stealth status: The right (blue) bar in the lower-left corner is your
stealth meter. When it's full, it means you are in the light and guards can
possibly see you. If you hide in the dark, this meter will be empty,
meaning no guards or cameras can see you.

Stamina status: Off to the side of the stealth status bar in the lower-left
corner of the screen is another small bar that measures your stamina.
Everytime you run (with run activated), this bar goes down and refills
itself slowly. If it's empty, you stop running and it starts filling back
up again.

Radar: In the upper-left corner of the screen is your radar. This lets you
see the location of guards, cameras and search lights around you. In
Minimum Security Mode, you can switch to long range or short range radar.
Long range lets you see further, but not the direction in which the guards
are facing like you can in short range.

Inventory: In the upper-right corner of the screen, you'll find your
currently readied inventory item. You can use this item by right-clicking.
Use the [ and ] keys (default) to cycle through your items.

Game text: Whenever you talk to a guard or prisoner, or hover your mouse
over an item, text will show up in the middle of the screen. Sometimes I've
noticed that the box for the text will show up, but no text (this is another

SCORE DETAILS: At the end of each prison you escape, you are given the details
of how you scored. Your final score depends on a number of factors.

Cameras/Spotlights That Saw You = -10 ea.
Lasers & Metal Detectors Tripped = -5 ea.
Guards That Saw You = -5 ea.
Secret Items Found = +20 ea.
Guards Knocked Out = -5 ea.
Completion Bonus = +100 per level
Total Score = Your final score
Your Ranking = Depends on total score

As you can see, knocking out guards costs you points, but since the score
really has no effect on your game whatsoever, it's up to you whether you want
to knock them out. So if you want a harder game, don't knock them out.


- Save your game often and try to make backups of your saves because they
will often become corrupt and will cause you much frustration after
getting far in the game and having your save file fail.

- If you don't want to use my walkthrough to get through the game, make
sure you talk to ALL prisoners and guards (the ones you can talk to
anyway) for clues on how to escape. Many of them will provide you with
items necessary for your escape.

- If a guard/camera/etc. spots you and the alarm goes off, don't panic, just
crouch down in a dark spot. If your Stealth meter is empty, they won't be
able to catch you (even if they're right in front of where you're hiding).



Q. How do I get out through the secret toilet passage when I first start?

A. You have to crouch to get out and under the bunker. The default key for
crouching is X, but you can set it to whatever you want under options.

Q. After I get out from the first block in the bunkers, how do I get into the
second with the fence electrified?

A. You need to jump over the fence via the tower ramp because there is no way
to turn the electricity off from the outside.

Q. How come I can't open some of the doors in the game?

A. Some doors are just for decoration, but if you mean doors that are meant
to open but don't, it may be becaues an adjacent door is still open
(mainly for the automatic ones). Close the adjacent door first then try
opening the second one again.

Q. My save file doesn't work anymore. What happened??

A. Save files often become corrupt (for some reason) and crash the game when
you load them. There's no way to fix this, but I will have save files at
the beginning of each prison on my web site:, so check
there if you need one.

Q. Are there any cheats or codes for this game?

A. I haven't found any yet, but there is a trainer and a game fix for it.
I haven't used the trainer, but it appears to give you infinite health.

Q. I'm stuck in the sewer. Which way do I go?

A. I have a mediocre ASCII map of the sewers in the walkthrough, so check
that and see if it helps. If you get stuck anywhere else in the game,
please refer to the walkthrough.

Q. What's the difference in the difficulty levels?

A. There is Minimum, Medium and Maximum Security difficulty modes. The
differences are: how easy you're captured, how easy it is to knock out
the guards and the length of time you can use your run ability.



This walkthrough takes you through the entire game from beginning to end, and
I've also pointed out locations to the Bonus Items you can collect in each
prison. I've divided it into five parts: one for each prison of the game you
have to escape from. There may be some minor plot spoilers within, but
nothing you can't find by reading the newspaper articles at the beginning of
each part. So without further ado...



You start off in bunker A3. Talk to Bill, who is the guy standing up in
between the two beds. He tells you that a guy in another block knows a route.
You can talk to Chuck next, who's sitting on a bench on the right side of the
room. He "knows a few things" but won't share unless you give him some
smokes. Head up by the gate where the guard is and in the alcove next to the
bed, you'll find some CIGARETTES. Take them back to Chuck who tells you about
a loose toilet where you can get out.

Before leaving, go ahead and talk to Hank (the only other guy in the room you
can talk to) and he'll tell you that you'll need a pick for the locks on the
gate. Talk to him again and he tells you that one can be found in the crawl
space above. Time to leave the bunker. Head back where the toilets are and
check the middle one. Stand over it and right-click on the button to open a
hidden compartment. Crouch to go through and you'll be crawling underneath
the bunker.

Crawl out into the open and sneak up behind the guard here - punch him in
the head to knock him out. There is one more guard roaming around this block,
so be careful. When you see him, hide under a bunker and wait for him to turn
his back to you, then take him down with a punch. Make your way over to the
back of bunker A1 (the one on the opposite side from where you started the
game) and climb up the ladder by looking up and moving forward. At the top,
crouch down and open the grating with a right-click. Crawl into the space
above the bunker and on the other side, pick up the LOCK PICK on the floor.

Leave the same way you came in, but check your radar to make sure a guard
isn't nearby when you drop back down to the ground. Crawl under this same
bunker and on the other side will be a control panel for turning off the
electricity on the fences. You'll need a wrench to open it. Crawl under
bunker A2 next (the one in the middle) and go down the path where you see
something white - this is an ENVELOPE, pick it up.

*GLITCH* - At one point, after getting the envelope, I was just dumped into
the A2 bunker. I've read of this happening to other people too, so if it
happens and you don't have the Lock Pick to get out, you'll be stuck inside
the bunker with no way to get out. If this happens, you'll have to restart.

Next, get out from under the bunker and make your way to the front of it (if
you haven't taken out that other guard in this block, do it now). Open the
door and walk right inside bunker A2 (you'll be in the guard's area). Look
in the desk drawer here for the SET OF KEYS then use your pick lock on the
gate to get into the rest of the bunker where the prisoners are. Talk to
Teddy (the one standing up) and in exchange for the guard's keys, he'll give
you some info. Fork over the keys and he tells you that someone's working on
an underground tunnel (what a rip). Before leaving, make your way to the back
of the bunker and snag the WRENCH lying on the sink.

Go back to the side of bunker A3 and use the Wrench to open the control panel.
Flip the switch by right-clicking on it to turn off the electric fence. Open
one of the gates to leave this block, but be careful because there are guards
patrolling around outside the block (including the one up in the tower). You
can knock them out if you want, but it's really not necessary. Just take out
the ones directly in your way when it's safe to do so, then go up the ramp of
the tower to the right (when leaving the A block).

Since the fence to the B block is still electrified, you'll have to jump over
it. Activate your run (I had to set it to a hotkey myself) and make a running
leap from the top of the ramp over into the B block (try to time it so you
land when the guards aren't facing you). If they see you, just run and crouch
under one of the bunkers until the alarm stops.

*GLITCH* - I've noticed up to this point that the guards sometimes just get
stuck running in place and can't do anything to you. You can just avoid them
when this happens or go behind them and knock 'em out - it's up to you.
It will be like this throughout the rest of the game, unfortunately.

Enter bunker B1 and knock out the guard inside. Use your Pick Lock on the
gate to open it and talk to Frank back near the toilets (anyone else notice
how his whisper totally doesn't match his voice?) He needs a book before
telling you anything, so leave this bunker. B2 is blocked off, so open the
door to B3 and you'll find a guard pacing around inside. If he spots, you
quickly run and hide under a bunker until the alarm stops. Go back and knock
him out when his back is turned then make your way to the back of the bunker
where all the books are.

Pick up the BOOK lying on the ground, then leave the bunker. If you want,
you can go inside the little "safe" room (looks like an outhouse) where the
second secret item, a BAR OF SOAP, can be found. You can also use the wrench
to open the control panel in this block to turn off the electric fences, but
it's pointless now that you're inside. Anyway, go back and give the Book to
Frank, who in turn tells you to give the stove a little shove. Right-click on
the stove to move it out of the way, revealing an underground tunnel (how
unexpected!) Crouch and walk through the tunnel to leave this first prison.



Reading the newspaper article will give you a good briefing about what happens
to our character after he escapes as well as info. about this new prison
(which is very old). When you're left to play, go ahead and talk to everyone
around you. You'll learn that there's a vent in Solitary Confinement that
leads into the sewers. One prisoner, Buffy (don't ask), will give you the
Tower Keys for some smokes (menthols, of course). You'll find them just a
few feet away sitting on the bench (why he couldn't just walk over and get
them himself, I don't know).

With the TOWER KEY CARD, open the door just behind Buffy and climb up the
ladder. The guards will catch you, clunk you over the head and toss you into
Solitary. Crouch down and click on the shower grating which leads into a
vent. Crawl through and open the grating at the end to enter the sewer.
Now, the sewer can get confusing since it's just a connection of several
passages, but you shouldn't have too much trouble. Here's my best
representation of how the sewers look:

__ __
| | | |
SEWER MAP | | |L3| Legend:
______| |____| | ------------
|______! ____ | ST = Start
| | | | L1 = Ladder 1
__ | | | | L2 = Ladder 2
| | | | | | L3 = Ladder 3
|NP| | | | | NP = Unpassable
| | | | | | -- = Lasers
_______________________|--|____________| |____| | ! = Steam
|__________ _________ L1:____________:L2 _______| : = Lasers
|ST| |--| |--|
| | |NP|
|NP| |__|

Make a right from the start (left just leads to a dead end) and climb up the
ladder at this first intersection. In this room, you can find some LIGHT
CIGARETTES. After getting them, crawl back down the ladder and crouch down
then take the north path (north from where you entered the intersection).
Stay crouched down to get underneath the lasers and go all the way to the
other end of the passage where another intersection is, and also where
Ladder 2 is. Don't bother climbing it since nothing's in the room above.

Keep going straight, make a left and go all the way to the dead end where
Ladder 3 is. Climb up and you'll be in the showers. Search around to find
a BAR OF SOAP and pick it up (heh). Now find the door in this room and open
it (pretty noisy door) to enter a broken down part of the prison. There is
a pool of water over by some of the cells - avoid going here at all costs
unless you want to die. Make your way up the first ramp to get to the middle
level then go around to the stairs and take the right set up to the top level.
As you approach the first bridge across the gap, it will collapse, so keep
going to the wall and use the two rods to get across to the other side where
Rocco is.

As it turns out, Rocco too tried to escape through the sewers. Unfortunately,
he was blocked by the steam and can't get out. So what does he do? Cries
about it, of course. Go past Rocco and into the open cell to find a LOCK PICK
then go back down to the bottom level of the block. Use the Lock Pick on the
door here to open it and you'll see a small panel in the next room. Also in
this room are two blue doors (one on each side); they're just for decoration,
so ignore them and use your Lock Pick on the panel, crouch and go through.
There's another grate in here, but it's electrified. Go down the stairs and
through the door to see the electric chair (nifty, eh?) then go back up to
the electrified grate.

Crouch down, and *quickly* use your Lock Pick on the grate, then run through.
As you open it, you will take damage, but if you go fast, you won't die. In
this room is the control center. To the right of it is a blue door - go
through it to enter another cell block. Looks like a riot's goin' on...
upstairs there are two prisoners beating the snot out of a guard. Downstairs
is Constantine and Ezekiel. Talk to them both then go behind the stairs
straight ahead and talk to Mouse. He'll tell you a "secret" if you give him
some chips. Go into the cell nearby to find the BAG OF CHIPS on a bed and
give them to Mouse; the big "secret" is that you can escape through the sewer
with three Key Cards.

Go upstairs to the middle level and talk to Vinnie (next to the knocked out
guard). He tells you to take the smokes on the ground if you want 'em and
informs you that he knocked out a guard who dropped a Key Card on the top
level. Grab the smokes then go up to the top level and over to the knocked
out guard. Pick up the RED KEY CARD near his body then go back down to the
bottom floor of the block and give the smokes to Ezekiel who in turn will give
you the guard's BATON he stole. Press 3 to equip it (default) and leave the
same way you came in.

Now, go around to the side of the control center and hit the window a few
times to break it and get inside. On the desk is the BLUE KEY CARD as well
as a copy of Alcatraz: Prison Escape, which the guard appears to have been
playing on his computer, heh. See the switch in here? Flip it to turn the
power back on then get out of the control center and use the Blue Key Card on
the other door in this room to open it. Be careful, because there's a guard
just outside. Knock him out if you can, or you can lure him into the room,
wait for the alarms to stop and close him in (whatever you choose).

With him out of the way, make a left from the door of the control room and
open the vent near the door. Crouch through and climb the ladder then open
the next vent which leads into another cell block. Drop down into the shadows
then carefully sneak up behind the guard in front of you, knock him out and
snag the ORANGE KEY CARD on the ground. Approach the lasers just past the
guard and use the Orange Key Card on the reader to turn them off. Make sure
you crouch all the time in this block until all the guards are taken care of.

Crouch to the other end of the block and go down the stairs, sneak up behind
the guard there and knock him out. Now go over to the lit cell on the left,
open it and talk to Odin. He'll give you a flashlight in exchange for some
chips. You can also go over to the right side of the middle level and talk
to Doc Rose in his cell (turn off the lasers to get to it), but he doesn't
really have anything useful to say. Go back to where you knocked out the
guard by the stairs and go up the second set of stairs on the right to reach
the upper level of the block. Turn off the next set of lasers and continue
crouching all the way to the lit cell with Kamui inside. He'll trade you the
Utility Door keys for some smokes.

Drop down to the middle floor and go over to where you see the guard below.
Position yourself so he's not facing you and drop off the edge of the platform
(you can also take the lift down, but it's easier to get caught that way).
Sneak up behind him and knock him out - you now don't need to crouch anymore
since he was the last guard patrolling the block. Open the door next to the
lift and knock out the guard inside, then pick up the BAG OF CHIPS. A bit
further down, there's an open cell with some CIGARETTES inside, so grab those
too. Make your way back up and give the chips to Odin for the FLASHLIGHT and
the cigarettes to Kamui for the UTILITY DOOR KEYS.

Now, before leaving, you must go back and turn on ALL lasers you turned off.
Once they're all back on, drop down to the bottom floor and turn off the
lasers there, then turn them back on right after you get past. Use the Orange
Key Card to open the door and you'll be back in the hallway outside the
Control Room. Go back into the Control Room and over to the switch by the
"High Voltage" sign. Flip the switch to turn off the electricity on the
grating and go through. Go down the stairs to where the electric chair is
again and you'll notice the lights are now flickering. The glass to the
electric chair room is also smashed through.

Jump through the hole in the window, but don't touch the chair, because as
you can see, it's turned on. On the wall are two switches: push the left one
down to turn the chair off and pick up the LIFER MAGAZINE, the second bonus
item. After you get it, turn the chair back on and flip the other switch
(they should both be in the down position). Go back up the stairs and through
the *other* grating (not the one that leads into the Control Room, but the one
that goes back into the broken down cell block).

Remember the water in here that you couldn't go through before? It's no
longer electrified, so wade on through over to the open cell. You'll find a
WRENCH lying on the bench - pick it up. Make your way back to the Control
Room and leave into the hallway. Make a right and go through one of the vents
here, which leads you into a very narrow passageway. Follow it to the end and
open this vent which goes out into the yard where the prisoners are on
lockdown. Now, have the Utility Door keys equipped and turn on your run.
Quickly run over to where the other prisoners are (where it's safe) then over
to the Utility Door in the corner.

Open it with the keys and you'll be in the Utility Room. Look familiar? It
should - this is where you got the Light Cigarettes earlier. Open the grating
and go back down into the sewer. Refer back to the map above and make your
way from Ladder 1 (where you just climbed down) over to where the steam is.
(Or if you don't feel like looking at the map, just crouch under the lasers
and make a left). Use the wrench on each of the three valves to turn off the
steam and when you come to the next intersection, follow the passage that has
no lasers blocking it.

At the end of this passage, there are three card readers: one for each of your
Key Cards (red, blue, orange). Use each one on the card readers then go
through the nearby gate, and... viola! You've made it out of the Rotunda.
It's not over yet, though.



Our character's been caught again, intentionally it seems. This time he's
being locked up in Alcatraz... yep, it's been reopened for use (hence the
title of the game). You start off in your cell with a lovely view of the
Golden Gate Bridge. Open your cell door to get out (wow, that was tough) and
make a left. You are currently in the Red cell block. In the main part of
the block straight ahead, there are a few guards patrolling. Crouch and
approach the first one to the right. When his back is to you, sneak up and
punch him in the head. If you *do* get caught by a guard, just crouch in a
dark spot in the hallway, and they won't get you even though it looks like
they can.

After taking out the guard on the side, go up the stairs to get on the upper
level of cells in the middle of the block. One of the cells will have the
window open - right-click to open it and talk with Sammy Q. who tells you
that a guard likes to use the Rec. Room at night, which is prohibited, so
he owes the prisoners favors for not ratting on him. Leave and go back
downstairs then over to the door (not the one that leads out to the
Recreation Yard, the other one). Open it and when the guard outside passes
by, sneak up behind him and knock him out.

There are also two more guards to the left that sort of walk along with each
other. Take them down as well when it's safe to do so. When it's clear, go
right and you'll come to the cafeteria. Inside is a guard that you may want
to take care of; other than that, there's nothing else you can do in there.
Continue going straight until you come to the Recreation Room on the left -
go inside to find a Corrections Officer watching TV. This is the one Sammy Q.
was talking about. He gives you an ORANGE KEY CARD and tells you to go.
Leave the Rec. Room. If you continue going straight, you'll come to the Blue
cell block, but there's nothing there but guards for now.

Instead, go back past the Cafeteria and make a right. You can veer left into
the showers here if you want where another bar of soap is (even though you
can't collect it), otherwise just keep going straight and use your Orange Key
Card on the door ahead. Go through the next two sliding doors then through
the "Authorized Personnel" door, through the wooden door after that and
finally through the door marked "Stairs." You'll notice that there's a gap
in the stairs, so activate your run ability and do a running jump to get over
it. Open the door at the top and knock out the guard at the vending machines.

Enter the "Security Station A" room, go down the stairs, through the door and
flip the switch on the wall to turn off the electric fences in the Recreation
Yard. Leave this area and go back to the Red cell block (where you first
started). Go into the Recreation Yard and make a left - when you come to the
fence, look up to see where the barbed wire is cut and climb up and over
(point mouse up while going forward). When you land on the other side, look
to your left to find a door with a padlock on it. Since you can't do anything
to it yet, go straight and make a left.

You'll come to a small storage room with a guard inside. Knock him out and
take the CLIPPERS from the ground, along with the WRENCH and FLASHLIGHT on
the shelf. Leave the room and go back to the door with the padlock on it.
Using your new Clippers, snip the lock off and go through the door. Go down
the stairs and take down the guard standing there. Now, go straight then
left, past the bookcase and just continue from there. You'll run into another
guard along the way, but nothing you can't handle. When you come to the pipes
with the steam coming out, quickly run by (along the right wall) and pick up
the KEYS on the other side.

Run back to where you knocked out the very first guard in this area and go
straight this time instead of turning left. Crouch under the steam and climb
the ladder when you get to it. Right-click on the panel to open it and go
into the next room. In here, grab the BLUE KEY CARD from the counter and read
the note if you want. Go back down the ladder and leave this room, going back
into the Recreation Yard. From there, head back into the Red cell block and
all the way back to the area where you turned off the electric fence. Walk
over to Deputy Warden A. Dufresne's door and use the Blue Key Card to go in.

On the desk is a large BAG OF CHIPS, take them and leave this area. Go back
to the Blue cell block again (or for the first time if you didn't go earlier)
and you'll be confronted with guards. Sneak past them or take them down,
whatever you choose. You'll need to get up to the upper level of cells in the
middle of the block and find the one with the open window. Open it and talk
to Lenny the Squid. In exchange for the chips, he'll tell you about escaping
through the drain pipe in the basement and also gives you the RED KEY CARD.

Leave the Blue cell block and go back to where the vending machines are once
again. This time, use the Red Key Card and the Warden S. Willhite's door to
open it and grab the GREY KEY CARD from his desk. Leave this area, go back
to the Red cell block, through the Recreation Yard and into the room where you
broke the padlock. Go straight, make a left and this time make a right and
follow this path (there may be a guard here if you didn't knock him out
earlier). At the end, you'll find a large door which can be opened with the
Grey Key Card, so open it. Inside is the entrance to the drain pipe. Crouch
and enter the drain pipe and begin crawling through.

Now would be a good time to use your Flashlight (F key default) to help you
see. Go all the way through until you come to the vents on the ground.
Quickly just run past both of them, because they release steam that will harm
you. Once you reach the end of the pipe, save your game. Now, if you think
you have enough energy (i.e. 60+), you might want to swim over to the
lighthouse for the second bonus item (an envelope). Otherwise, you'll just
need to swim over by the docks, let the alarm sound and wait until you're
caught. Either way, drop into the icy water and stay above it by constantly
jumping while you swim.

You lose 1 energy every second, so be quick. If you go to the lighthouse,
grab the ENVELOPE and start swimming back towards the docks. If you don't go
to the lighthouse, just swim over by the docks. Either way, the alarm will
go off once the guards spot you out in the water and shortly after you'll
be captured and taken to the Highrise part of Alcatraz.



As always, you'll want to read the newspaper article for a briefing on what's
going on and what you'll need to do next. You're now locked up in Highrise.
When left to play, talk to Homer nearby who tells you about the guy who tried
to escape by dressing as a guard and walking out. Leave this room and you'll
find some more prisoners outside (two are playing Battleship). Go over to
Elvis and Nashville (who names these guys!?) who are sitting on the chairs to
the right of where your cell is. Elvis wants some TP (toilet paper) for some
unexplicable reason, so keep going straight and into the restroom where you'll
find the TOILET PAPER (one-ply) on the floor.

Take it back to Elvis who then tells you that you need a Green Key Card. Talk
to him again to learn that there's a Shiv under a bunk mat in your cell. Go
back into your cell and check the center bunk of the bed just to the right of
the entrance. You'll find the LOCK PICK under the mat, as Elvis had said.
Leave the cell and make a left. Go past the guys playing Battleship and when
you get to the door, use the Lock Pick to open it. Knock out the guard inside
then grab the CIGARETTES off of his desk.

Go back into the main room and look to the right of where you cell is; you'll
find two more cell doors. Open the one on the right and talk to Ramirez
inside. He'll tell you where he hid a Green Key Card if you give him the
smokes you found. Do so and he says the Key Card is hidden under a book in
the main room. Go over to the right table with the books on it and move the
one furthest right to find the GREEN KEY CARD. Now, there are three locked
doors along the same wall your cell is on. Two on the sides, and one in the
middle. Unlock the sides first with your Key Card and knock out the guards in
front of both.

Next, go through the middle one and knock out the third guard patrolling the
hallway straight ahead. Go right and over to the cells: open the one on the
left with your Lock Pick and talk to Pretty Boy inside. He warns you to stay
away from the Red block prisoners, which are murderers who will kill you if
they see you. Unlock the door to the right of where you see the guard inside
the glass booth-like area and use your Lock Pick on the door just beyond that.
Quickly back up and crouch and wait for the guard patrolling out here to start
walking the other way. Now you can go in and knock him down, then continue
crouching around to the other side of the room.

When your character mentions in the unused laundry room, open it and take the
bonus DEODORANT SOAP off the shelf. Don't go down the shoot - it leads to the
guards' break room! Instead, leave this room and take the stairs down. When
you open the door at the bottom, crouch and wait for the guard to go the other
way. Knock him out as well as the one to the right. Now go through the next
stairway door, but don't go down the stairs. Instead, go through the vent
behind the door and you'll end up in the Blue cell block (where you aren't
supposed to be, naturally).

Pick up the MENTHOL CIGARETTES from the bed then leave this cell. There are
three guards patrolling this block. The first is just around the corner to
the right of where you are now, so take him down as his back is turned.
Another is over by the restrooms. Talk to SpydR who tells you that Jaybird,
the guy who tried escaping in a guard's uniform, is in Solitary on this block.
Go into the main room after knocking out the third guard nearby and talk to
Big Guy who, in exchange for the cigarettes you have, will give you the keys
to the Laundry Chute in Red block and tells you to meet a guy named "Jimbo"

Go into the cell with the bunks to find a BAG OF CHIPS then go over to the
cells on the right. Open the left one with your Lock Pick and give the
chips to Jaybird, who in turn tells you why he failed to escape. Make sure
you pick up the GUARD'S PANTS from the bed before leaving. In the next cell
over, you'll find some two-ply TOILET PAPER which you can give to Mulanix who
informs you of a cemented-over vent near the vending machines. If you talk to
Face, he tells you which laundry chutes go where. Anyway, go over to the vent
next to the vending machine, crouch down and punch it to remove the cement.
Open the vent and go through then climb up the ladder to reach the Recreation
Yard of Red block.

Go through the door here and crouch along the floor. There are three guards
in here: one of the I'm not sure is a guard but a prisoner wanting to kill
you. Either way, just sneak up behind each of them (they're in the hallways)
and knock 'em out. Go into the office on the right side of the room where
you'll find the RED KEY CARD lying next to a knocked out guard. Go to the
back part of the main room and open the left cell with your Lock Pick to find
the GUARD'S BOOTS inside. Combine them with the pants in your inventory then
go through the door behind the guard in the booth-like area. Now, use the
keys Big Guy gave you on the Laundry Room door, open the shoot and drop down
to land in the laundry room.

Grab the GUARD'S SHIRT along with the LOBBY MAP from the table then talk to
Jimbo and the Captain for some info. Go over to the ironing board and right-
click on it to make it fall then open the vent and go through. Now in the
stairwell, open the door and wait for the guard to turn his back. Knock him
out as well as the one on the other side when it's safe then take the stairs
which leads into the lobby area. You'll first be by the Transfer Area, but
you'll need an ID. Go through the door to enter the main lobby, but don't go
through the metal detectors or you'll get caught.

Head over to the right side and use your Red Key Card on the reader to turn
off the detector, walk behind the guard straight ahead and knock him down from
behind. Now go through the wooden double doors which leads into the courtroom
and then through the small door to the left which is the Clerk's office. Grab
the TRANSFER PAPERS from the desk and take them back to the guard (Emerson)
in the main lobby who will give you your TRANSFER ID. Take the ID back to the
Transfer Area and give it to the guard there. Get in line and you're on your
way to the Super Max!



Before leaving your cell, pick up the MAP your cellmate made you then go out
into the Recreation Area. Head over the table straight ahead and pick up the
MENTHOL CIGARETTES then go up the stairs, but make sure the guards don't see
you. When you come to the occupied cell, open it and talk to Rusty inside
who will give you a RED KEY CARD in exchange for his smokes. He also tells
you that he overheard the guards talking about an exposed ventilation shaft.
Staying upstairs, go around until you come to the alcove in the wall. You'll
find a vent here - open it and drop down.

Go right (left just drops down to the Rec. Area again) and follow the path.
Make a left at the next opening then a right when you come to the next. Pick
up the BOX OF SOAP as the first bonus item then continue going up the vent,
all the way through to the end. Open the grating and drop down into the
Control Center. Knock out the two guards here then hit the switches on each
side of the Control Center to turn off the lasers. Use your Red Key Card to
get through the door to the right and knock out the guard on the other side
when his back is turned (if the alarm goes off, just wait it out inside the
area in between doors). Once the area is clear of guards, go to the back of
the room and snag the ORANGE KEY CARD from the desk.

Use it to open one of the doors on the sides and talk to OIC Mark Alexander
who's standing next to the copying machine. He believes you are innocent
and says you can escape via a truck and that you might be able to reach it
through laundry. Grab the IDENTIFICATION CARD from the copying machine, the
bonus ENVELOPE from the shelf then hit the switch on the wall to turn off the
lasers. Use the Orange Key Card to unlock the door straight ahead and take
out the two guards beyond. Make a left in the next room and use your ID Card
to open the door at the bottom of the ramp.

Inside is the laundry room. Go over and talk to Steve who trades you the
EMERGENCY DOOR KEYS for your Map. With the keys, go over to the Emergency
Door on the other side of the laundry room and open it. Follow the path down
until you spot a vent near the floor on the left wall (it's just before you
come to the two computers on the wall). Go through (you'll get hit by the
steam when in the entrance of the vent) and grab the GREEN KEY CARD then
come back out.

Continue going straight and knock out the guard in the next room when he's not
looking your way. You can hit the switch on the control panel on the wall to
turn off the steam, but it doesn't do much good now that you're past it. Go
into the next room and knock out the guard walking around. Go over to the
other side and use your Green Key Card on the door to the left. Follow the
path and at the end, crouch down and go through the vent here. When you
emerge in the next room, knock out the guard then climb the ladder near the
back of the room (the one that goes up by the fan).

When you get to the top, go through the vent straight ahead (the one to the
left is just a dead end) and when you come out in the next room, walk up to
the door with the broken glass and jump through it. Crouch down on the other
side so the guard doesn't spot you and just around the corner you'll find the
GREY KEY CARD. Pick it up then jump back through the broken window. Use your
new Key Card on the nearby door and look out for the security camera above.
When it's safe to do so, go over to the next door on the right. Use the Grey
Key Card on it to get through but watch out for the guard inside.

Knock him out, and watch out for another security camera in here. See those
boxes in the corner. Jump up on top of them and open the vent on top. Crawl
through, over the grating and drop down onto some stairs. Go down and jump
into the back of the truck. That's it! You've just escaped Alcatraz Super
Max and that's the end of the game. Read the final article that tells what
happens next and you're done (too bad there was no ending cinema).



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