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  Greedy Worm v3.0 [trainer +1]
Greedy Worm is an extended classic Worm/Snake/Nibbles style
game with amazing vision impact. In the game you navigate a
little worm to eat various magic beans in a rippling pond.
When you eat 5 same color beans in series, the relevant magic
will take effect. There are 5 kinds of magic: Rush Magic,
Golden Light Magic, Revive Magic, Rain Magic and Shorten
Magic, and each has its witchcraft. For as much as these
magic, Greedy Worm has greatly extended the playbility of
older Worm/Snake/Nibbles style games. Another remarkable
point is the water effect. The water rippled as the worm
moves around, the bean falls or raining. It is so vivid
as if your screen is really filled with water. There is
no doubt that Greedy Worm will give you fresh gaming

Trainer Options:

1. Unlimited Lives ON/OFF

This Trainer Is Dedicated To My Friend Mike!


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