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  Blood Omen 2 : Legacy of Kain [cheats]
Hey guys! If you are getting killed too often there is an easy fix for it:
1. Go into your Blood Omen 2 directory (i.e. D:\games\blood omen 2 .... etc)
2. Get into Data folder and locate game.erg file. You can open it with notepad.
3. Within game.erg locate the following line
"-BO2 Kain Debug Flags\kain's invulnerable"=1
All you got to do is to delete - so the line would read
"BO2 Kain Debug Flags\kain's invulnerable"=1

That simple. It worked on my PC, hopefully it will work on yours too.

- from Jacob

Level Select
In your game directory, go to the DATA folder, then locate the game.erg. Open this file with NOTEPAD or WORDPAD and find the line:


You can find the loading & level names in the DATA folder.

-from mike

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