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  Aliens vs Bomberman v2.1 [trainer +6]
You may, or not, have seen SEiZE's "plus 5 trainer" for this game
earlier today. Notice that using the option "Big Score" in their
trainer does nothing but just that: get you a big score, - for which
reason it should not be counted as a valid trainer option, and hence,
this will reduce their +5 to a +4 trainer. Also notice that if you
activate "Unlimited Lives" in SEiZE's trainer you will not be able to
end or start a new game.

PiZZA brings you a "proper" plus 6 trainer without counting score
editing, and also with the posibility to end a current game.

.. oo OO - OO oo ..

Unzip trainer into your game directory, then start trainer with
"pizzatrn.exe", use "Run Game" button to start game. During gameplay
activate trainer options by pressing the following keys:

1 - Infinite Lives
2 - Unlimited Shield
3 - Max Bombs
4 - Max Blast
5 - Level Skip
6 - Goto End Sequence
0 - Resume Lives To Normal

/Team PiZZA

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