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  Global Operations FAQ
Game Name: Global Operations
Available On: PC
Author: Tony Quach aka Master Tony
Contacts: AIM- ttq8025,

0.1 Legal Stuff
This is my FAQ. Which means you cannot sell it, copy it, or put it on your webpage. Of course, if you ask me nicely and credit this with my name you can put it on your webpage, but ask first! I spent my own time writing this, and it wasn't made for people to steal and say they wrote it. If you lie and steal, the world will crush you eventually. Enough with the threats, are we friends again? :-) Then go ahead and read this!

0.2 Versions
1.0 - 4/8/02 Added Intro, Controls, Jobs, Salary, Tips and Tricks, Missions 1, 2, and 3
1.1 - 4/11/02 Finished Guns, Grenades and Specials section, and fixed up minor typo errors so the FAQ looks more neat, added Terms I Use
1.2 - 4/15/02 Added Copyright Info, Missions 4, 5, 6, and 7. Also added a Terms I Use section. Almost complete with all the guns and ammo

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