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  Championship Manager 2 [cheats&hints]
Manage Countries:
Terry Venables = England
Craig Brown = Scotland
Bobby Gould = Wales
Mick McCarthy = Eire
Bryan Hamilton = N.Ireland
Artur Jorge = Portugal
Arrigo Sacchi = Italy
Javier Clemente = Spain

Do you want to buy any player for free?
-Choose any player you are interested and make an offer 2 times bigger than his real value, so that the team automatically accepts the offer.
-Than re-adjust the offer, put free offer and choose cancel.
-Than if the player accepts going to your team he'll go for free.

Do you want to be national manager without being known in a club?
-When you begin the game choose the national team to manage (Portugal, England, Italy, Spain...anyone)
-When your name is asked write the name of the manager in actualitty (Example: to manage Portugal write Artur Jorge, to manage England write Terry Venables, to manage Italy write Arrigo Sacchi, to choose Spain write Javier Clemente...)

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