Gameguru Mania - cheats

  G-Darius [trainer +13]
Trainer Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'1' Invulnerability
'2' Infinite Lives
'3' Infinite Capture Balls
'4' Infinite Credits

:gun control

'F1' Max Missile
'F2' Max Laser
'F3' Max Wave

:fire2 control

'F4' Max Bomb
'F5' Max Twin
'F6' Max Multi

:shield control

'F7' Max Arm
'F8' Max Special
'F9' Max Hyper


When u max the shields u need to pick a shield up to gain the ability..
This is NOT an infinite shield option.. it just allows u to use the best
shields available.. if u want infinite shield choose invulnerability :)

A lonely Bahhhhhhhhh.. slowly drifts across the green fields of the scene.
This lonely sheep remembers the good old days of bopping around the fields
with all his rivals and chums.. Odin the wolf, Miramax the lion, Ntsc the
rabbit, Drone the spider monkey, calligula the turnip :) and many more..
he longs for the days when he may meet his friends again within this very
field.. Im still here fellas.. Bahhhhhhhhh... ;p

A tribute to u all.. where ever ye be..

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