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  Arkanoid 2000 v1.8 [cheats]
Start game as usual. Then use the following codes for accessing levels in
EASYMODE gameplay:

Episode I
Level 05 : FORBABYS
Level 10 : TERMINAL
Level 15 : SHOOTERS

Episode II
Level 05 : GOODLUCK
Level 10 : BREAKOUT
Level 15 : MEFODIUS

Episode III
Level 05 : TRYTHISS
Level 10 : PREDATOR
Level 15 : PREMIERE

For those that havent found out yet how to slow down this game on fast
PC's, here's what to do: start "ark edit.exe" from the game directory,
select the "Special" tab and goto "Setup Arkanoid...", then uncheck
"Enable Flipping" and hit "OK". Exit and start game as usual. Enjoy!

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