Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Army Men Toys in Space (cheat codes)
by CLASS / GayGrym

First use this one (Hit BACKSPACE and type):

!throw me a frickin bone here = Enable cheats

- then these will be enabled. I haven't checked all the features, I'll leave
that for the hardcore Armymen lovers... :]

!when all else fails...
!full monty = Invincible
!game over
!stay frosty
!harsh language
!here's a lockpick...
!this one goes to eleven
!hey stifler
!one time...
!spiny norman
!let me down
!pump me up
!oh behave
!rate me = Display FPS etc.
!the meek = Lose scenario
!cut to the chase
!vic fontaine
!time for bed = Lose scenario
!mona lisa
!johnny ricco
!peep show
!heavenly glory
!hey dante
!the sun
!whistle and flute
!i woke up this morning
!no sunblock
!i got two words for ya...
!haunt haunt haunt!
!hello neo
!i like to keep this handy
!patty melt
!you want some
!disco is dead
!disco inferno
!no one expects
!italian job
!know your role...
!its dark
!there is no spoon
!sarge calibur
!only human
!captain scarlet

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