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  NFL 2K2 [DC]
Big Football
Enter: bchbll

Music during game:
Enter PLAY4ME as a code. You can select "Digital Tech" or "Horror 1" soundtracks to replace the announcers.

Super dive:
Press X(2) to do a super dive. Note: It is better if you use speed with the dive.

100 rated players:
To create a 100 rated RB, set the upper and lower body strength low enough to put all the other stats at 100. Then, fill up the rest on your upper or lower body strength. The same can be done for a QB, TE, WR, DB, LB, DT, DE. However, for the LB, DT, DE, make sure they are big. For a DT or DE set the weight to 400 lbs. and height about 6' 0". For the LB, set the weight at about 260 lbs. and make him 6' 4".

Better defense:
Create two players with a height of 7'0", weight 220 lbs., and stats at 30 for upper and lower body. Set everything else to 100 except jumping and block. Thrown ball should be 95 and intelligence 50.

Better offense:
Create three WR with a height of 7'0", weight 220 lbs., and stats at 0 for upper and lower body. Set everything else to 100.

Confuse your opponent:
Use the following trick to prevent your opponent from seeing your play. When selecting your play, place the pointer over your desired play, then hold A. Move the pointer to your fake play, then release A. If you are quick enough, your first play will go unnoticed and your opponent will set their defense for the fake play. Note: This works best if you choose a pass play first, then run or a run play first, then pass.

Super team:
Select any team and choose the following players and others (if desired) to create an unbeatable team. Your offensive rating will be 100, defensive will be 100, special teams will be 97, and overall rating will be 100.

Name Position Number
T. Gonzalez TE 88
W. Sapp DT 99
R. Lewis LB 52
P. Boulware LB 58
M. Vanderjagt K 13
L. Glover DT 97
R. Moss WR 84
B. Marion DB 31
M. Faulk RB 28
L. Milloy DB 36
M. Harrison WR 88
J. Odgen T 75
D. Brooks LB 55
P. Manning QB 18
J. Kearse D 98
R. Woodson DB 26
B. Farve QB 4
O. Pace T 76
E. James RB 32
W. Roaf T 77
M. McCrary DE 99
L. Allen G 73
M. Gramatica K 7
T. Bosseli T 71
W. Shieldes G 86
J. Elam K 1
K. Warner QB 13
S. Madison DB 29
J. Christy C 62
D. Bennet P 95
I. Bruce WR 80
E. George RB 27
T. Nalen C 66
M. Berger P 17
C. Carter WR 80

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