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  Grand Theft Auto London 1969 [cheats updated]
Code Result
deathtoall Press [*] for All Weapons
flashmotor Level Select
super well Level Select
travelcard Level Select
6661970 Unlimited Lives
tithead No Police
iamfilth No Police
iamgod 10X Multiplier
averyrichman 999999999 points
uaintnuffin All Items
psychadelic Press Horn to Change Colors
silence Turn Off Police Radio
driveby driveby
herc Super Code
rommel Debug Mode
asawindow Unlimited Lives, Press [*] for All Weapons

Go Under Fences
Park a HGV next to a fence. Face the fence and press [Space] to crawl under the bus and then under the fence. Note: You can not get back out unless there is a opening or an HGV to use the same trick on.

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