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  WinBack: Covert Operations [N64]
Get all multiplayer characters
Press up, down, down, right, right, right, left, left, left, and left before the demo starts. Then hold c-up and press start at the press start screen.

Maximum Power Mode
Enter at the title screen: L, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, L, Start

Sudden Death Mode
Press C-left, C-right, C-left, C-right, C-up, C-down, C-up, C-down before the demo starts. Then hold L and press start at the press start menu.

Trial mode:
Quickly press Up, Down(2), Right(3), Left(4), then hold C-Down and press Start at the "Press Start" menu to unlock trial mode. The sound of a gunshot will confirm correct code entry. This mode allows any level in the game to be played. Note: The code must be entered before demonstration mode begins.

Max power trial mode:
Quickly press Up, C-Right(2), C-Left, Z(2), then and hold L and press Z at the "Press Start" menu to unlock max power trial mode with any character.

All multi-player characters:
Quickly press Up, Down(2), Right(3), Left(4), then hold C-Up and press Start at the "Press Start" menu. The sound of a gunshot will confirm correct code entry. All the Bosses as well as the engineer and a few army characters will be unlocked in multi-player mode. Most of the Bosses have odd guns and may not be able to back up against walls or roll. Alternatively, successfully complete the game under the easy and normal difficulty settings. Note: The code must be entered before demonstration mode begins.

After all characters are enabled, all of the middle row characters have special weapons (unlimited ammunition, but cannot place back toward wall), and Dan has a special pistol.

Max power, sudden death, trial modes:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock max power, sudden death and trial modes.

Sudden death mode allows opponents and your character to be killed with one hit.

Unlimited ammunition in story mode:
Press B when out of pistol ammunition in story mode to reload.

Hidden animation sequence:
Wait for demo mode to begin at the "Press Start" screen. Eventually, another sequence will appear after demo mode cycles a few times.

Hint: Easy kills:
Use the following trick for an easy kill against normal enemies in story mode with a handgun. Normal enemies count as any unit except Bosses, Surprise a normal enemy and shoot them in their face or their back to kill them with one shot.

This trick works on all enemies, but not Bosses. Crouch down by a crate or another object with the enemy in front of you. Hold R to target on the specific enemy, then release Z (crouch). While continuing to hold R, quickly press Analog-stick Down lightly and A (fire) quick. If done correctly, you will shoot them in the head before they even see you. This technique is fast and works better than shooting them three to four times as normally done.

Medical kit in level 1:
Go in the first building with the guard stretching in level 1. Do not kill him - instead, wait and watch him walk to the table. The guard will drop off a medical kit. Kill the guard, then pick up the kit.

Start with silenced handgun in level 2:
At the start of the level 2, instead of going towards the blue crate with the shotgun shells, move in the opposite direction. You will find a white-and yellow indestructible crate with a handgun with silencer on top of it.

Hidden submachine gun magazine in level 2:
In level 2, after you get past the first red laser and kill the men on the high roof and the railway, go towards the blue crate in the back behind the fence. Go around the crate and you will see a magazine.

Flame thrower in multi-player mode:
Unlock the Boss characters, then select Thunder as a character. Press R during game play in multi-player mode to turn on the laser sight. Then, press Reload to fire the flame thrower.

Hint: C-4 in multi-player mode:
Begin a game in the Factory-1 level in multi-player mode. Everyone can use C-4 by pressing Down.

Hint: Moving red lasers:
Use the following steps to get through the level with the red lasers that move up and down, and require that you roll under and fight enemies after each roll. After you go under the second roll and kill the two enemies with sub-machine guns, a man will appear and change the red laser on the wall back to the way it was. A way to avoid this is to stand against the wall. He will see you and try and shoot you. Shoot back and kill him. This eliminates the need to roll back under two lasers, kill two enemies, undo the laser, then roll back under again.

When you are on the rooftop with the up and down moving red lasers, go through and defeat the first six men. Then, activate the switch to turn off the laser. When you are done with that, set a C-4 explosive at the switch. Hide behind the small wall immediately after going through the second moving laser. There will be two men on the roof with machine guns -- kill them. After moving through the third laser, pay attention -- there will be a sequence showing two men moving toward the laser activation switch just before the first laser. If you set the C-4 ,the men will be killed. If done successfully, you will continue through the fourth laser. Hide at the small wall at that location -- there will be one man hiding shooting at you. Once you have gone through the fifth laser, continue to the door to complete this part of the game.

Glitch: Perpetual death:
Enable the "Max power mode" code mode and use the rocket launcher. Shoot at an enemy and keep firing. He will die and keep dying.

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