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  Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone [cheats]
Type these codes while you're in the game. You will need a little practice to get it done properly for the first time.

HarryDebugModeOn - Enable debug mode (F7 to turn it off)
HarryGetsFullHealth - Restores max health
HarrySuperJump - Super jump
HarryNormalJump - Big jump
HarryTriggerCheat - Get 15 beans
HarryKoresh - Invincibility
HarrySuperKoresh - ?
HarryKorWalk - Walk silently

If debug mode in enabled then you can select all levels from the main menu.

See Fred and George's 'Experiments'
At 4 locations throughout the game, meet with Fred and George Weasley and give them 25 Bertie Botts. Not only do you get Wizard Cards, but you'll see their practical joke at the end of the game.

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