Gameguru Mania - cheats

  Commander Keen 4
Press 2, a, and Enter at the same time. Next Press F10
and N at the same time. Now You are at the "No Clipping"
mode. You can go through walls.

press 2,a,and enter at the same time and than press
f10 W=warp to level 1-18

Pressing t, a, and b all at the same time gives
lives and guns

Press A 2 Enter at the same time...
F10 Y Reveals hidden areas
F10 D You can record your own demo
F10 C Find out the number of active/inactive
objects in that level
F10 E End or finish the current level
F10 B You can set the color of the border
F10 M Memory usage display
F10 S Slow motion
F10 V Add 0-8 VBLs

* To get to the "hand" pyramid, go in the Pyramid of
the Moons. Take the yellow diamond and go down. Use the
diamond on the second yellow gem hole. Then collect
(they'll follow you) 12 yellow worms by Keen's feet.
They will all turn into a huge foot. Jump on the foot
and it'll take you there.

* Also, stand on the little moon on the floor. Keen will
moon you.

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