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  Ghost Recon [demo cheats]
Cheats must be typed into the game console. To activate the console, press the enter key on your num pad

Cheat Commands

Superman - enables invincibility
TeamSuperman - enables team invincibility
Shadow - enables invisibility
TeamShadow - enables team invisibility
run - Increases your running speed by 10
ammo - unlimited ammo
refill - refills entire inventory
autowin - automatically completes mission
quit - exits Ghost Recon
kit - changes your kit to the file you specify
tracers - toggles display of tracers
teleport - teleports you to the specified position in the world
god - unknown, appears to take values that are multiples of 2 and throws you real high in the sky and sets the ground on fire
extremepaintball - unknown
cisco - Achieves objectives one at a time, "sic 'em boy"
chickenrun - unkown, "Jeff loves chicken!"
boom - shakes your screen

ToggleShowPerfCounters - toggles performance counters
ToggleShowFrameRate - toggles frame rate
ToggleShowTotalStats - toggles total stats.
ToggleShowLevelStats - toggles level stats.
ToggleShowActorStats - toggles actor stats.
ToggleShowInterfaceStats - toggles interface stats.
ToggleShowEffectsStats - toggles effect stats.
ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles texture memory stats
ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats - toggles system memory stats.
ToggleAI - toggles AI

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