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  Star Wars Episode One Racer [trainer for win2k]
Star Wars Episode 1 Trainer

by Genitor


This is a trainer for the racing game "Star Wars Episode One Racer."
The only thing that this trainer does is give you infinite truguts
(money). This means that you can buy all the upgrades you want, and
win every round (maybe).

There are, of course, other trainers out there that do this and more.
However, this is the only one at this time that I am aware of that
works under Windows 2000.

Note that this was developed for ver 1.0 of the game. There are no
guarantees that this will work on any other version. Actually, there
is no guarantee it will work on THAT version.


Run the executable, swtrain.exe. Then, start the game. You should now
have infinite truguts. If you do not automatically have lots of truguts,
you can Alt-Tab to the trainer and click "Give Turguts." If that
doesn't work, I would try to find another trainer.


There are no guarantees in using this product, except that it will take
up hard drive space while on your computer. Anything else that happens
via direct or indirect use of this trainer is not the responsibility of
its author. If your wife leaves you, cat pees on you, and boss fires you
because of this, don't cry to me.

Have fun.


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