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  Pool Of Radiance: Ruins Of Myth Drannor [cheats]
Cheat Method
Create a file called "cheats.txt" in the /data/ directory. You now have a ingame fps counter.

Increase experience points for party members - [Numpad Plus]
Kill enemies in current battle - [Backspace]
Skip enemies turn - [Space]

Cheat/Hint: Hex Cheat for Single Player Game
1. After creating the team, start new game and save the game. Or add new charater to your party and save the game.
2. Open the saved game (.sav) using hex editor. (it's easier to use file date/time property to find the right saved game)
3. Do ascii search to find your character.
4. Health
=> look for your health in hex.
eg. if your health is 10/10, look for hex in the format of 0a 00
00 0a
and change two 0a to the value you want.
(usually you can find this close to your character's name)
5. Six basic stat.
eg. if you stat are (from str) 13, 12, 13, 12, 14, 10 then look for the format of 0d 0c 0d 0c 0e 0a and change to anything you want as long as the value is under your race & class limit.
(usually this is located close to the end of your character info and right before next characters name)


Once you find any item you can make as many copies of it as you want.
1 - Create a dummy character.
2 - Load a saved game and transfer all the good items to the dummy.
3 - Remove the dummy character from the party.
4 - Load the dummy character back in.
5 - Transfer the items to other members.
6 - Drop the dummy character from the party.
7 - Repeat steps 4-6 as many times as needed.
This also works for Curse of the Azure Bonds and Champions of Krynn.

Make Money Easy
1 - Create 1 permanent character.
2 - Create 5 unused characters.
3 - Add all six characters.
4 - Transfer all gold to the permanent character.
5 - When the first permanent character has enough for top-of-the-line
equipment, remove the permanent character.
6 - Add another permanent character.
7 - Repeat the above process until all six characters have a substantial amount of money.
8 - Useful when you need to raise a dead character.

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