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  Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 [cheats&hints]
Invinsible Allied Tank
To make a allied tank invinsible against enemy infantry build a "IFV" Vehicle and then place an engineer into it to make it able to repair damaged vehicles. Next build a tank any sort, it is best to build something with a lot of fire power like a Mirage Tank or Grizzly Battle Tank. Next put your tank near enemy infantry but not to close, move the IFV Repair Vehicle next to the tank and press "G" to put it into guard mode and then place the Tank into guard mode also. The tank will automatically attack the Infantry and the Repair Vehicle will repair it all off the time making it Invinsible to destroy as the health is always topped up to full. (this trick may work against enemy tanks but with more tanks and repair IFV's).

Try to attack different units to see if you can stay alive without being destroyed, 5 IFV Repair Vehicles and 5 Tanks should be able to wipe out half a base..

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