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  Emperor : Battle For Dune [Hints&FAQ]
Having problems with heavy AI attacks?
Well this should slow them down.
Once U get the Advanced Carryall, produce 10 or more AA-units(depending on who U play, Infantry or veheicles) and place them a place where U aren´t disturbed, now find the enemy´s harvesting-point and make waypoint from there to U´r AA-units. Now build a Advanced Carryall and voila U can now abupt their Harvesters and transport them via the waypoints, and because its moving via the waypoint it will not put down the harvester, there the AA-units will fire at the harvester(or any other unit hanging in the grasp of the AC) without damaging the Carryall, U can also use it against the enemy´s heavy veheicles.

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