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  American Deer Hunting 2000
Cheats (c) Class

First edit your existing config.scr in your game dir
( consoleenabled = 1 ) than try the commands below.

hit '~' key and enter commands

teampic -not known
showanimals -shows animals
showbedding -shows bedding
showanimalsonmap -shows animals on map
showbeddingsonmap -shows beddings on map
runfast -run fast (very useful)
fillmode -fullmode
startlevel -start level
stream -not known
driver -change drivers (software, glide, d3d)
specialkeys -not known
playtrack -not known
textureview -not known
freetexturespace -not known
stadium -not known
level -change levels (1 - 15)
numactors -not known
history -shows history
quit -quit

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