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  Age of Wonders: Planetfall v1.0 [Trainer +11] {FLiNG}

Num 1 – Add 50,000 Energy Each Turn
Num 2 – Add 50,000 Cosmite Each Turn
Num 3 – Max Influence
Num 4 – Restore Units HP
Num 5 – Max Units Move Points
Num 6 – Max Units Skill Points
Num 7 – One Turn Research
Num 8 – One Turn Unit Production
Num 9 – One Turn Structure Production
Num 0 – Enemy Units Can’t Move
Num . – Drain Enemy Units HP

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All units related options only work on map, not during battles. If you want to win battles easily, you can use “Drain Enemy Units HP” before entering battle.

“Restore Units HP” works on selected player units.

“Drain Enemy Units HP” works on selected enemy/NPC units.

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