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  Total War Warhammer V1.6.0 Build 13579 [trainer +17]
Inf.Movement Lords
Inf.Movement Heroes
Fast Research
Fast Construction
Fast Recruiting
Set Generals Skill Points
Inf.Population Surplus
Inf.Public Order
Recover Troops Size
God Mode
Inf.Population Surplus Hordes
Add 1000 Exp Of Selected Lord or Hero
Instant Spell Cooldown
Super Unit Size

You shouldn't use Hordes surplus population unless you playing Hordes faction
To edit money click on Game Editor button then enter value and edit it , You must have the trainer activated and open any city in game before using the money editor
For Skill Points first select any Hero or Lord then enter wanted value of skill points and set it , It will only effect selected Hero or Lord
Your units may still lose 3-4 or even 10 soldiers per but will not go lower with god mode on .
For Exp to work first activate trainer then select a Hero or a Lord then click on it and once selected press the exp hotkey then click away to something else then click back on Hero or Lord to see cheat effect ,You will still have to gain 1 exp in game for that Hero or Lord for rank to level up instantly to as much exp as you added
Known bugs to be fixed on next update for the trainer within the next 24 hours :
Fix God Mode Cheat in battle when player units get hit with spell their health go sky high until the game crashes -- Done
Add Inf. Magic -- Done
Fix population surplus for chaos -- Done
Add Rank -- Done
Fix skill points to work for heroes -- Done
Godmode crashes-- Done
Add Instant Cooldown for Spells and Abilities.-- Done
Super troop size add-- Done
Ammo cheat effect AI-- Done
Recover Troops Size not working properly -- Done

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