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  Jazz Jackrabbit 2 [cheats updated]
Cheats all kinds
Type: JJMorph to morph from Jazz, Spazz, Frog, Bird, Jazz
JJShield will give you shield for 40 seconds type it again it will upgrade it 4 times
JJAmmo gives 99 ammo and all guns
JJFly helicopter ears type again for flying board
JJGod God mode

Misc. Cheat Codes
When in the game, type in the following:

jjinv - God Mode
jjguns - All Weapons
jjammo - All Ammo
jjrush - Sugar Rush
jjfly - Helicopter Ears (Repeat for Hoverboard)
jjk - Self Destruct
jjshield - Power Shield
jjnext - Level Skip
jjlight - Fully light the level
jjbird - Get a bird
jjcoins - Get coins
jjgems - Get gems
jjending - Return to main menu
jjq - Quit out of game to the desktop
jjmorph - Change to Spazz, then type again to be: Bird, Frog, Jazz.

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