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  Grim Dawn v1.0.0.2 [trainer +101] / v5.85 (25-03-2016) - b31 HF4 /

This trainer is working with Grim Dawn v1.0.0.2!

Trainer version: v5.85

Added Options:
-Added a new option to reset one-shot chests so that they are farmable when
the appropriate option is checked.
-This option can be found in tab5 and is only available when you are in the
main menu.
-NOTE: For now, this option only works with one-shot chests whose opening is
not bound quests.
-Added an option to free the camera.
You can move the camera through the world by using the following hotkeys:
-move Camera to the north : ALT + Up
-move Camera to the south : ALT + Down
-move Camera to the west : ALT + Left
-move Camera to the east : ALT + Right
-move Camera to up (z axis) : SHIFT + Up
-move Camera to down (z axis) : SHIFT + Down
-To reset the camera position back to normal simply uncheck this option!

Changed Options:
-Changed the zoom option
-The zoomlevel now no longer reset when using the mousewheel.
-You can now define minimum and maximum zoom distance.
-Both values are saved to the corresponding charactername.
-That means, GDTH changes the zoom distance if you change your character.
-Character size now also gets saved per character.

Minor Changes:
-Those who had issues with the 'Activate all blueprints' option, please try
again using this version.
-Retrieving special folderpaths has been greatly improved.
-Added a donate button.

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