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  Grim Dawn v0.3.5.6 (b27) [trainer +69]

This trainer is working with Grim Dawn v0.3.5.6 (b27)!
Trainer version: v4.4 °


Removed the 'unlock Shaman' feature, since it is no longer needed.
When using the trainer to increment your physique or spirit, your health
and/or energy is getting automatically adjusted correctly now!
-Exactly how these values would adjust if you assigned a 'real' attribute
point in spirit and/or physique.
-1 point Physique = 3 Health
-1 point Spirit = 2 Energy
Optionally added the possibility to permanently add the increment Attributes
-You can now add unlimmited points to your attributes exactly the same way
you are using when manually leveled up.
-Physique [+] Button isnt working yet...
-Simply check the checkbox 'Perm+' behind the particular attribute in tab1.
Added a short distance teleport!
-Simply press F3 to teleport to your current mousecursor-position.
-Your target position has to be in line of sight (hide any obstacles)!
-This is by far the fastest way to travel :P


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