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  Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [trainer +22]
Unzip the contents of the archive, run the trainer, and then the game. During the game you will be able to use the following keys:

NUMPAD1 -immortality

NUMPAD2 unlimited stamina

NUMPAD3 -unlimited use of spells

NUMPAD4 -unlimited supply of souls

NUMPAD5 infinite amount of disposable items

NUMPAD6 increasing the level of humanity

NUMPAD7 infinite amount of materials

NUMPAD8 -indestructible elements of equipment

NUMPAD9 -no risk of bleeding

NUMPAD + -the main character cannot be poisoned

NUMPAD- -the main character may not be cursed

NUMPAD0 -single attack kills enemy

F1 -increase the Vitality (vitality)

F2 -increase the Attunement (alignment)

F3 -increase the Endurance (stamina)

F4 -increase the Strength (strength)

F5 -increasing Stamina parameter (skill)

F6 -increase the Resistance (resistance)

F7 -increase for Intelligence (intelligence)

F8 -increasing the Faith (belief)

F9 increase the level of souls (F10 it decreases)

PAGE UP -more souls

PAGE DOWN -less souls

HOME -disable all facilities

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