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  Call of Duty v1.3 + CoD: United Offence v1.51 [trainer +15]
Name: Call of Duty + Call of Duty - United Offensive
Added: LIRW
Added: July 8, 2015
Category: Trainers for PC Games

Endless life.
Infinite ammo and grenades.
COD United Offensive
Endless life.
Infinite ammo and grenades.
Game Version COD 1.3
Game Version COD United Offensive 1.51 this comes as an addition. (Confuse them)
P / S
Options to be activated each time for the next level ... (just one click) engine like wolfenshtein first - there is also a similarity of this problem.
Trainer like beta - (to try to do) without music is, without anything - just to test :) If someone you like - you can do all in one of the trainers ...
How to run - to put the video on the lower line.

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