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  Overkill 3 [Android]
Grenades must be purchased with premium currency. You will be given a few at the start of the game. Do not bother purchasing more of them.

Use the "Reload" button after killing an enemy or two adjacent enemies. This will immediately bring you back into cover, giving you time to move the crosshairs to a new target.

Saving ammunition
Shoot explosive objects to take out nearby enemies and save ammunition.

When snipers are present, red laser sights will slowly target you. They can hit you while you are behind cover. After a short amount of time the sniper will shoot. To avoid being hit, take out the sniper before they can fire. Always make snipers your top priority to target.

Spend credits upgrading accessories that will increase important stats, such as accuracy. Do not spend credits on cosmetics such as new colors and stickers.

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