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  We Are Doomed [PS4]
Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Endless 1 (Bronze) Reach Zone 6 with 80,000 points (Endless mode).
Endless 2 (Silver) Reach Zone 10 with 450,000 points (Endless mode).
Endless Perfect (Silver) Reach Zone 8 with all lives intact (Endless mode).
Endless x Perimeter (Silver) Zap 75 Perimeter baddies in a single Endless game.
SUPERBEAM x Endless (Bronze) Keep a SUPERBEAM going for 10 seconds (Endless mode).
SUPERBEAM x Wave 01001 = 0 (Bronze) Zap all the baddies in Wave 9 with a SUPERBEAM.
Trinkets++ (Bronze) Collect every Trinket in the first 10 waves.
Wave 01010 (Bronze) Complete Wave 10.
Wave 10100 (Bronze) Complete Wave 20.
Wave 11110 (Bronze) Complete Wave 30.
Waves Complete (Silver) Complete Waves 1-30.
Waves Perfect (Gold) Complete Waves 1-30 with all lives intact.

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