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  Pac-Man World 2 [GC]
Pac-Man mini-game
Collect 10 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Man arcade game.

Pac-Attack mini-game
Collect 30 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Attack arcade game.

Pac-Mania mini-game
Collect 100 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Pac-Mania arcade game.

Ms. Pac-Man mini-game
Collect 180 tokens during game play to unlock the classic Ms. Pac-Man arcade

Music test
Collect 60 tokens during game play to unlock the "Jukebox" option.

Pre-production art and programmers
Collect 150 tokens during game play to unlock the "Museum" option.

Do not lose wedge
If you do a butt-bounce when you are falling from a high place, you will not lose a wedge. Note: Make sure that you do not fall off a cliff or platform.

Lives and tokens in Blade Mountain
There are a total of 11 extra lives and 8 tokens in the level. The lives are usually located in the flying boxes above the ramps. Do a Flip-Kick to reach them. Some contain tokens and others have lives.

Galaxian in Blade Mountain
Find one of every fruit. If you do, one activates the treasure chest at the right at the end of the level. Inside is a Galaxian.

Shortcut in Ice River Run level
Finding this shortcut is extremely easy. It is located where the first drop-off is found. The drop-off is at the point where there are a lot of strawberries and you have to drop down to get them. Then, go right.

Dig Dug characters in Volcano level
Just when you get across the first gap in the level, there will be a group of Dig Dug characters appearing from a hole.

Defeating Blinky's Frog
Butt-bounce three times on the frog's tongue when it is wooden. When frog's tongue turns to steel, jump on top of tongue and rev-roll into the frog's mouth three times to kill it.

Defeating Inky's Blade-O-Matic
At first, he will throw spikes out of his mouth at you. Try to dodge the first one, then Rev-Roll into his mouth to damage the machine. Do all of this for a second time and he will say something. Next, when he is passing by, Rev-Roll on one of the red things on the side of the machine. Do this one more time. Then, he will say something else. Immediately after he throws the first spike, Rev-Roll into his mouth. Do this once more to defeat him and get a "Golden Strawberry".

Defeating the last Ghost
To hurt him, you have to butt-bounce the top of him. For the first part, dodge his attacks and wait for him to stop attacking. Also watch out for the geysers coming out of the ground. He will now come low to the ground near one of the outer islands. Rev roll to where he is using the ledges as ramps and quickly butt-bounce on him. Repeat and you will face his second form. To dodge, rev roll to a different island than the one he is attacking. After two assaults he hovers around the center. Wait for him to stop moving and butt-bounce. Repeat and you will now face his third form. This form is just like the first form, only it shoots faster and more. Do the same thing as you did to defeat the first form. His fourth form is like the third form, only it shoots even more. The best way to avoid this is to rev roll across the gaps back and forth until he stops. He will hover near the center island in this form. When you hit him once, he starts shooting three shots. If you manage to stay alive for this, he will hover again. Let him have it. You will now face his final form. He is the same as always, only now it is a lot more selective about where you bounce. You have to bounce directly on Clyde, the ghost piloting the thing. After you hit him once, he will do the fire move from his second form; rev roll out of there. Once more and he will be defeated and you will receive the "Golden Pear".

* Pac Man World 2 *
* *
* Walkthrough FAQ *
* *
* *
* Written by: *
* Bryan Backas (DMHawkmoon) *
* *
* 2002 *
* *



The guide is practically done, there may be a few errors here and there that I
forgot to fix, but anyone going for all the tokens should be able to find them
all with this version of the guide!


This guide is copyright 2002 by Bryan Backas. It may be posted on any website
as long as it is in its FULL TEXT. If you butcher it into your own guide that's
plagiarism, and if you sell it that's against the law.


This is a guide for Pac Man World 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube and the Sony
Playstation 2. I am writing this based on the Gamecube version, but as far as I
know the game itself is identical on either system except for small graphical
enhancments and faster load times on the Gamecube. The controls are obviously
different, so that section may not be helpful to PS2 owners, but controls are
simple and the least important part of this guide. I hope anyone who's stuck
will find what they are looking for.

* IV. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions *

Q: Is this game any good?
A: If you like platformers like Sonic Adventure then you'll probably like this.

Q: How long is it?
A: To simply run through the game it takes about 3 - 4 hours. If you want to
collect all the tokens, it takes over 20 hours. So you could easily spend a lot
of time with this game.

Q: What classic arcade games are in it?
A: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Attack, and Pac Mania. Check out the ARCADE section
at the end if you need a description of any of these.

Q: How do I get lots of lives?
A: Check out the 1-UP LOOP section before the walkthrough for a great place to

Q: I am stuck on Night Crawler! Where do I go?
A: My walkthrough should answer your question. Read it if you're lost.

Q: Why am I missing a fruit/token in a stage when I followed your guide?
A: I try to tell you where to go for all the fruit and tokens but I don't always
mention every single piece if I think it's really obvious. Check your totals
at each checkpoint against mine to find out which section you're missing
something in.

Q: When I fall too far I get hurt or I die. How do I avoid this?
A: Butt-bounce. The reason I often tell you to "butt-bounce down" in my guide is
because I don't want you to get hurt. You can butt-bounce from any height and
survive without being hurt at all.

Q: What's the museum?
A: It's a picture show of Pac Man World 2 concept art and a picture of the
people who made the game.


The first section is the Gamecube controls, second is the PS2 controls. Every
move listed here is all the moves you ever get in the game. Remember, you can
move Pac Man with the analog stick or the normal control pad.


A: Jump
B: Hold and release to do a Rev Roll
B + A: I the middle of a Rev Roll, push A to stop
A + A: Butt-Bounce
A + B: Flip Kick
Y: Talk/Play arcade game

A: Swim up
B: Swim down

A: Jump
A + B: Flip Kick
Up: Go faster

B: Torpedo Attack

A: Torpedo
B: Gatling Gun
X: Smart Bomb

A: Jump up
B: Jump down

R: Zoom
L: Center behind Pac Man
C-Stick: Move camera manually.
Hold L and move the C-stick to look around the level.

PS2 CONTROLS: (Thanks to Mary Allen)

X: Jump
SQUARE: Hold and release to do a Rev Roll
SQUARE + X: I the middle of a Rev Roll, push A to stop
X + X: Butt-Bounce
X + SQUARE: Flip Kick
TRIANGLE: Talk/Play arcade game

SQUARE: Swim up
X: Swim down

X: Jump
X + SQUARE: Flip Kick
Up: Go faster

SQUARE: Torpedo Attack

X: Torpedo
SQUARE: Gatling Gun
CIRCLE: Smart Bomb

X: Jump up
SQUARE: Jump down

L1: Zoom
L2: Center behind Pac Man
Right Analog Stick: Move camera manually.
Hold L1 and use the D-pad to look around the level.

* VI. 1-UP LOOP *

Getting lots of lives is one of the most important keys towards success in this
game. You want to be able to try an area over and over so that you get good at
it and so that you don't have to go through the stage more times than necessary.
There are many 1-Up loops in the game, but there is one that stands out as the
best in the game. It occurs in BUTANE PAIN.
Go through the stage until you reach the blue B-Doing. Bounce up on this and
then you reach a checkpoint on top of the next tree. Now, from here make a leap
of faith diagonally backwards and you should grab onto a red B-Doing. If not,
you'll fall down down to a tree below and butt-bounce to break your fall. Either
way, work your way back to the blue B-Doing. Now bounce on it. There is a tree
in the distance with a green switch on it. In the pit below you are a lot of
angled B-Doings. Bounce down on these and you will reach the green switch. Hit
it to make 8 1-Ups appear! Fall in the pit and repeat. You can build up as many
lives as you please this way. Once you have as many as you want, COMPLETE THE
STAGE! If you exit, it won't count anything that you picked up!


This walkthrough is designed to help you get 180 tokens and will direct you to
get all 189 if you so desire to collect them all. I will try to be as specific
as possible. Each stage is split into the regular mode and time trial. Besides
the tokens lieing around in the stage, you can get 1 bonus token for finding all
the fruit and galaxian, and 1 bonus for completing time trial in a record time.
You can exit at ANY time with no penalty so if you're heading for a pit early in
the level, exit to save yourself a life.

TIME TRIAL NOTES: The time stopping items do not stack. That means if you
collect a 4 and then a 2 right after it, the 2 will cancel out the 4. So if you
get a 4 make sure you don't get a 2 right away. And also if you're waiting for a
moving platform or obstacle and you have time stopped, don't collect another
clock until the last one runs out. Remember, to start the time trial you must
hit the stopwatch that appears at the start of the stage. If you don't hit it
before you move into the stage, it disappears because the makers didn't want it
getting in the way if you're going back to get stuff you missed. Also, my time
trial strategies are NOT the only way to complete the time trial. There are many
many ways you could go, so don't email me with me time trial strategies unless
they are a LOT better than the one I have posted. And I mean a LOT.


NOTE: The first part of this level walkthrough is just obvious stuff for the
most part. Skip down to the house section if all you need to get is what's on
the roofs.

Run around the tree and collect all the pac dots. Follow the path around to the
ghost and get the power pellet and eat the ghost. Get the strawberry and cherry.
Don't go between the trees because that's the level exit. Now go to the right
and jump up to the ledge and eat the circle of pac dots. Jump up to the next
ledge and above where you ate the ghost there is a token in the air! Jump and
grab it. Keep going around the outside of the level and get the apple, cherry,
and follow the pac dot line. Where the line ends if you jump forward you should
collect the token floating there. Continue around the outside of the level and
when you get to where the apple is butt-bounce onto the Pac-Asite (brown thing)
and collect the apple. Jump onto the rock next to you and jump to get the token
floating in the air. Continue around the cliff, jump over the fence, and get the
strawberry on the other side. Now jump up on the ledge to your right and get the
melon. Go get the cherry behind the green house. Now over behind the yellow
house there is a token and a pac-dot and an extra life. Go back towards the side
of the stage and continue around. There is a token behind a tree. Keep going
around and look to your right up in air. There should be a token there. Jump to
it. Now run around and back up to where you jumped from. Keep going around and
collect the rest of the fruit and pac dots you see. Don't forget the apple in
the hole in the side of the cliff. From here I am going to tell how to get all
the remaining stuff house by house.

TOTALS: 3 cherries, 3 strawberries, 3 apples, 2 melons, 118 pac dots,
5 tokens

PURPLE HOUSE: Jump to the top of it from the tall ledge that you were on at the
end of the first section of the guide. It's sometimes picky and makes you roll
off the side, but keep trying.

YELLOW HOUSE: Jump onto the roof right above the door and then onto the higher

RED/ORANGE HOUSE: Jump onto the rock, and then onto the lower roof and then onto
the higher roof. Don't forget to get the cherry above the pointed roof too.

BLUE HOUSE: To get onto this house you have to rev roll from the red/orange
house. Go to the edge of the roof as far back as you can without falling and
Hold B. You should be opposite the chimney. Turn to face the blue house and
release. You should land on it.

GREEN HOUSE: (NOT THE ARCADE) From the blue roof do the same thing you did to
get onto the blue house: Rev roll over to it.

ARCADE: Go behind the arcade and jump onto the square base sticking out of the
ground. Jump onto the roof. Now jump onto the circular sign things and get the
melon floating up there. Stay on the sign...

REDDISH PURPLE HOUSE: Jump to it from the top of the arcade sign. It may take a
few tries. Once on top, be careful not to move too far while collecting the dots
or you'll fall off and have to get on again. Also get the fruit behind the this
house if you didn't already.

OBSERVATORY (BLUE): Jump onto the small roof on the side of the building from
either the wood plank behind the house or from the low roof above the door. To
get on the very top of this house you must jump AT the metal lens pipe sticking
out the top. If you do it right Pac Man will grab it. Carfully jump up. There
are pac dots and a token up here. Now, look behind you. There is a token above a
tree. You get it by rev rolling from this roof. Go as far to the edge away from
the tree as you can. Hold B and turn to face the token. Release! If done right,
you'll go right through it. It's fairly generous with this, as long as you were
facing the token you'll probably end up collecting it. If not, try backing up
more. Make sure you got the fruit behind this house on the wood plank.

Now you should have everything on this level if you followed my guide.

FINAL TOTALS: 6 cherries, 6 strawberries, 4 apples, 8 melons, 142 pac dots,
8 tokens.

You are now 100% finished with this stage so run to the exit.


Eat the two ghosts and get everything in the first secion; there are 123 pac
dots if you want to make sure you didn't miss any. Keep going forward now and
when you get to the big sandy pit fall in and get everything there. Now just
butt-bounce all the boxes and get all the stuff in them. You can fall into the
sandy crevasse, but there's nothing in it. Warning: The next two holes are pits
so you'll lose a life if fall in them. Jump across the pit and butt-bounce on
the Pac-Cub. Get all the pac dots obviously by jumping across til you got them
all. Now do as the sign says and rev roll up the hill get the token and then
butt-bounce on the green button to make a pac-chain appear. Grab the red dot and
you'll follow the pellets to the next part of the level. You cannot go back
after that so make sure you got everything.

TOTALS: 3 cherries, 4 strawberries, 166 pac dots, 4 tokens.

In the next area everything is in plain view so get it all, just don't touch the
thorny bushes. Jump over them and get what's hovering above them. Now moving on,
jump from rock getting all the pac dots, and flip kick the box in the air. Make
sure to go over to the right and get the box over there. In the next water
section, don't bother swimming underwater yet unless you really want to try it
out. Just stay on the surface and jump out to get the three pieces of fruit
floating above the water. And go across to the other side. You'll come back
in a second. Get the orange and then you can open the treasure box for the extra
life. Now over to the right there are two boxes and they both contain steel ball
power ups. Collect one of them and jump back into the water. You sink to the
bottom with the steel ball, so just break the three boxes with a butt-bounce
each and then get the token under the boat. Wait for the steel ball to wear off
and jump back out to continue the level. Now get another steel ball and go to
the left. You can jump onto the thorns with this without getting hurt, so jump
on and get the token. Get the rest of the pac dots and then break the boxes if
you want to get the points for killing the Pac-Cubs that are inside. Otherwise,
you should be done with this stage.

FINAL TOTALS: 6 cherries, 6 strawberries, 1 orange, 3 apples, 2 melons, 327
pac dots, 8 tokens.

TIME TRIAL: This is a very straightforward stage. Don't stop to get all the
clocks you see, just make a path through the stage and get all the clocks that
fall into a path that you've chosen. For example, in the first section, jump
along the left side and get the two "2" clocks there quickly and keep going, or
find another path, but don't ever get all the clocks in an area for no reason.
They do NOT stack. Jump over all the pits, and open the first box you see on
your left for a "2" clock. Keep going, don't bother to open all the boxes and
don't bother with the Pac-Bear. Also do not get any more boxes in this section
because they don't contain clocks. Now hit the switch and quickly ride the pac
chain. In the next section forget the boxes and just jump over two of the the
thorn bushes to get the clocks and keep going. Jump along the rock and flip kick
the box in the air. Jump into the water and go along the left edge. Jump out of
the water to get the "2" clock and the veer to the right to get the next "2"
clock. When you get out of the water open the box to your left and there is a
"4" clock. Now hurry to the exit and you should have made it in time if you
didn't hesitate. If not, keep practicing.


First thing to do here is look behind you. There is a line of pac dots. Now get
the boxes and keep going. Jump to the platform and do a butt-bounce onto the
Pac-Asite there. Keep going and collecting everything. When you get to the
platform with a box on it, look to your right and there is a strawberry next to
a tree. Don't miss it. Once you get to the next part you see a ghost. Get the
Power Pellet that is forward and to the right and eat him. Get all the dots and
fall into the sandy pit. Watch out because there is a Pac-Asite down here. Once
he's taken care of, collect everything and move on. Get the cherry behind the
tree and then jump over the pit to get the orange. Make sure you jump straight
across starting from the wooden plank or else you might fall in. Now you're at
the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 9 cherries, 4 strawberries, 4 oranges, 4 apples, 57 pac dots, 2 tokens

Now, First thing you should try to do from here is kill the Pac-Bear on the
small island. To kill him you have to rev roll into him 3 times. If you die,
don't worry because you just hit the checkpoint so you can try again. It's best
to wait til he is roaring before you hit him. Jump onto the platform and he
should roar. Now's your chance! Quickly rev roll into him! When he's on the
ground, power up a rev roll and hit him again as soon as he gets up. Repeat one
more time and he's a goner. Don't be upset if you mess it up, you'll get it
eventually. When he's dead, you get a galaxian. Win the pac man game and you'll
get the level to play in the arcade and it counts as a check point. Now Jump
around this area and collect the two tokens and everything else here. Just jump
back and forth across the pits until you got it all. In the next section you'll
find your first "RGB". Bounce on his head twice to defeat him, but make sure you
don't get touched by his breath. Collect all the pac dots, but don't go any
further! There is a token in a box next to the little purple bush. It should be
behind you and to your left from where you entered this area. Find it and then
move on. Jump down onto the strawberry and then run forward and get the Power
Pellet. Eat the ghost. Now bounce on the RGBs and take their fruit. Don't miss
the melon next to the tree here. It kind of blends into the ground and some
people miss it. Now collect the token in the box and jump across to the cherry
and back. Hit the switch and take the pac chain around to an earlier part of the
stage. Don't push anything, just let it carry you and wait til you've landed
before you move. It drops you near a pit so if you're holding a direction you
might fall right in. Make your way back to where the green switch was and jump
to the left. Kill the Pac-Asite and get the cherry in the box. Now keep going
and jump across the pits to the second platform. Look to your right. Jump to the
high ledge. Pac Man should grab onto it and then jump to swing up to the top.
Jump straight up and you'll reach a higher ledge where you find more fruit and a
token. Keep jumping across to the platforms now until you get to the next to
last one with the Pac-Asite on it. No look to your left and a little behind you.
There is a ledge with fruit on it. Jump to it from this platform and get the
strawberry and orange there. Jumping back is a little tricky. Don't move camera
and go back to where you got the strawberry and jump straight back. You should
land back on the platform you jumped from. It's a little unfair that you can't
see here. Now you're just about finished here. Jump to the next platform and get
the orange and hit the switch. The pink ball that appears will shrink you, so
get the cherry first. Now get the pink ball and run into the hole. That's the
end of the level. Check your totals to make sure you got it all.

FINAL TOTALS: 14 cherries, 8 strawberries, 7 oranges, 5 apples, 3 melons,
178 pac dots, 8 tokens.

TIME TRIAL: This is one of the easiest time trials. There is an almost constant
supply of clocks. Just try not to waste time deafeating any of the enemies here.
Try to jump across the platforms without worrying about the Pac-Asites, because
that doesn't help your time at all. Only worry about them if you're about to
die. If you can just manage to run through the level and collect all the clocks
in your path, you should easily get the record time.


Collect the orange and kill the beetle for a token. Jump across the moving
platforms and get any fruit you see down below and then jump to the green
switch. This chain will take you to the upper platforms. Collect all the fruit
up here and keep going til you get to the cherry at the end. Back track to get
everything you missed and then continue on along the moving platform. Jump
across, get the melon and all the pac dots and hit the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 3 cherries, 3 strawberries, 2 oranges, 1 apple, 2 melons,
44 Pac Dots, 2 tokens.

Jump into the river and then across to the other side and get the two cherries.
Jump into the river and get all the fruit there. Now backtrack and jump back to
where the cherries were but instead of jumping up by pushing A shimmy along the
edge to the right and jump up onto the area with the RGB enemy. Defeat him and
then go onto the moving platform. Jump off onto the first green switch platform
and hit it. Follow the pac chain. You're now on another green switch, do the
same. Now you're on ANOTHER and do it again. This takes you to a token and yet
another green switch. Hit it and an orange switch will appear below. Jump down,
run to the other side of the platform and get the orange. Jump over to the ledge
with two apples and a token. Now jump back and hit the switch and get the steel
ball. With it, jump in the water and open the box underwater. In it is the
galaxian so play the maze level and complete it. Once finished, don't collect
the pac-chain yet. Swim around and collectall the rest of the fruit you see
around. There should be two oranges and a strawberry. There is nothing else
underwater and now you should have everything in this area, so go get the
pac-chain and hit the check point.

TOTALS: 5 cherries, 7 strawberries, 7 oranges, 5 apples, 2 melons,
120 pac dots, 4 tokens

Walk over to the sign and take note of the advice it gives you. You need to rev
roll across the gap by hitting the sloped plank in the ground. Push jump on the
other side to stop. Get everything you see and then rev roll across the next
gap. This time it's very important that you hit jump at the right time so that
you land on the island. Jump across and get the Power Pellet on the island in
the middle of the pit and eat the ghost. Collect everything in this area. To get
the box, the best thing to do is jump on TOP of it. Jump at it and grab the
edge. Pull yourself onto it. Butt-bounce on top of it and it'll break revealing
a token. Land on solid ground and collect it. You don't need to rev roll across
the next gap, just jump to the island with the box on it first. Collect
everything and defeat the RGB on the next island. Across the next gap is the end
of the stage, so make sure you got everything before you go any further!

FINAL TOTALS: 9 cherries, 7 strawberries, 9 oranges, 9 apples, 5 melons,
142 pac dots, 8 tokens.

TIME TRIAL: This is the first time trial that's a little tricky. From the start,
just run to touch the clock. Turn around and jump to grab the "2" and then jump
over the beetle onto the moving platform. Get the box witha "2" in it and then
to the next platform. If at any point you can make it to the upper platforms
that's great because there are a lot of easy to get "2"s up there. Now once you
get to the last moving platform and across to the next section the timer should
be at about 8 if you did that all right. Jump right into the river travel along
getting all the clocks along the way. Swim towards the first floating "2" you
see and jump out to get it. Head to the next "2" above the water and jump for
it. Now head right at the cliff with a little wooden plank coming out of it.
Jump out of the water and grab the ledge and swing up. Jump up and you're now on
the last part of the stage. Note that you can also take the pac-chain up to
there, but that takes a lot more time. Ok, now rev roll across the gaps and you
have to be quick to stop rolling on the second gap so that you land on the
island. Run past the ghost, and jump to the box island, to the island with the
RGB and to the exit. Hopefully you made it in time.


This is the first boss, and it's very easy. Runa round til he sticks his tongue
out and butt-bounce onto the wooden part of it. Once you hit him three times a
cut scene occurs and now you have to use a different strategy. You have to jump
onto the wooden part of his tongue and rev roll into his mouth. Three times and
he's defeated. The biggest problem will be if he jumps and lands on your head.
Try to keep moving and this shouldn't be too big of a problem. Overall he's
quite an easy boss. You get the golden cherry back.


NOTE: A "B-Doing" is the game's name for the bouncy target things.

Go forward and onto the wooden board. Jump over to the right onto the high
ledge. There is a token up there. Now butt-bounce around on the B-Doings and get
all the fruit in the air. Carefully make your way forward. Hit the two angled
B-Doings and round the corner. Between the next two blue B-Doings there is a
1-Up off to the side. Take note of the depressed blue switch here. Go on and hit
the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 1 cherry, 2 strawberries, 2 oranges, 1 token

Continue on up, getting the boxes on your way. You'll reach another checkpoint
but I won't total up again cause it's only been a few seconds since the last
one. When you get to the top there is a blue switch. Hit it and then make your
way back down to where the first switch was. Hit it and a pac chain appears.
You know what to do! Now rev roll across the gap and butt-bounce the beetle.
You'll see a treasure but you need an apple. Head down the "stairs" and you'll
find one. Now go back up and open the chest. The galaxian is inside. Once you
finish the maze level you come back out and it counts as a checkpoint. Watch out
because the beetle comes back.

TOTALS: 3 cherries, 3 strawberries, 5 oranges, 1 apple, 1 melon,
86 pac dots, 4 tokens

Now bounce along over to ANOTHER check point (sure are a lot of these here!).
Kill the beetles and bounce up to the top of the giant stump. Look behind you
and you'll see a 1-Up on the top of a stump across the gap. Rev roll across. Now
look to the left and there's a token on top of another stump. Rev roll to that
as well. If you fall, at least you got the 1-Up so you can keep trying.
Shouldn't be a problem though. Now you can rev roll back to the first stump.
Carefully jump down onto a nearby B-Doing. If you're having trouble getting back
down, go to the edge and tilt the camera so you can see where you're going. Now
bounce up on all the blue ones and get all the fruit in the air. Make your way
around and then back to the wooden floating platform. Jump on TOP of the box
floating in the air, butt-bounce on it, land safely, and then jump across to
collect what was in it. Do that to all the boxes. You can try to flip kick them
open but that's much harder to do. Lots of tokens and apples are inside. At the
end, bounce down onto the net. Quickly get a Power Pellet and eat all four
ghosts. Collect the rest of the pellets for points and then move on to the

TOTALS: 6 cherries, 9 strawberries, 9 oranges, 4 apples, 2 melons,
86 pac dots, 8 tokens

NOTE: You can try to eat all 4 ghosts in the previous section AND all 4 ghosts
in the next section in ONE Power Pellet. I am not sure, it may give you a ton of
points if you want to try it. It's VERY hard to do.

On to the next area, there are another 4 ghosts here and they will shoot at you.
Eat them all up with a Power Pellet. Collect the rest of the pac dots and go
complete the stage.

FINAL TOTALS: 6 cherries, 9 strawberries, 9 oranges, 4 apples, 2 melons,
217 pac dots, 8 tokens

TIME TRIAL: Take either the left or right side and bounce along the blue
B-Doings. Round the corner and bounce on the next blue B-Doing. There is a "4"
clock where the 1-Up was in the normal stage between this and the next B-Doing.
Try to get it but if you miss either forget about it or exit the stage and
restart. Open all the boxes you see for some "2" clocks, until you get to the
next tree. On the next tree, open the first box and skip the second, open the
third and skip the fourth. The boxes you skipped have health wedges in them so
they are just a waste of time. You'll soon come to a long branch with a box all
the way at the edge. Get it because it's a "4" clock. However, ignore the next
long branch because it's only a "2" and it takes so much time to go over there
and get it that it doesn't save any time. When you get to the top quickly rev
roll over the gap and ignore the beetle. Jump onto the angled B-Doing and over
to the next section. Get the box and jump past the beetles and onto the blue
B-Doings. Move from one to the next collecting the clocks like you did to
collect the fruit. And the end, fly right over to the netted area and land on
the Power Pellet. Eating the ghosts stops the clock. Eat a few of them and then
bound across to the next area. Run right for the goal. If you didn't make it in
time try again and you should better your time pretty easily with practice.


Go forward til you see the buzz saw in the tree. Wait for it to move to the
outside and jump onto the inside part to collect the fruit. Keep going and do
the same thing for the next saw. There is an apple over the next saw. Jump over
the saw to get it without getting hurt. You'll soon reach a little cut in the
tree with pac dots aroud it. Before you jump up and grab the ledge, look behind
you. There is a strawberry. To get it you must jump off the edge, and swing back
so that Pac Man grabs the edge. It's dangerous but it must be done for the
fruit. Now, shimmy on over to the next branch. Bounce over to the next tree.
Collect the fruit near the saws like you have been and make your way up. When
you get to the top, don't rev roll across the gap yet. Go out along the branch
and collect the token first! Now rev roll across. You have reached a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 3 strawberries, 2 apples, 10 pac dots, 2 tokens

Rev roll across but don't hit the saw. Don't go across the red B-Doing to the
next tree, instead jump down the branches and hit the green switch. A pac chain
will appear on top of this tree. Take it and you'll end up on top of a tree near
the beginning of the stage with a token on it. Bounce over to another tree and
rev roll back to where the saw was. Go to the next tree now with all the pac
dots on it. Go around collecting the pac dots and oranges. When you see the saw
coming around, jump. Keep going around til you got it all. Now bounce to the
next tree. There are some strawberries above saws here. To safely get the try to
jump over the saw at the right moment. If you get hit, it's not a big deal, just
grab the fruit and move on. Jump to the branch of the next tree and jump over
the saws. There is a checkpoint here.

TOTALS: 2 cherries, 6 strawberries, 4 oranges, 2 apples, 138 pac dots, 3 tokens

The next area has a ghost on it. Eat the ghose with the Power Pellet. If the
ghost won't stay on the ground, stay away from it for a while until it wanders
over a solid area, then jump on it. Avoid all the saws and get to the tree with
the circular saw. Wait til it passes and jump for the apple. Quickly run around
and jump up the ledge on the other side, ignoring the B-Doing. Jump up two more
times to get the token on top here. Now you can jump down and right over to the
next tree or you can take the B-Doing over to the next tree. You end up in the
same place. There's a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 5 cherries, 6 strawberries, 5 oranges, 4 apples, 1 melon,
176 pac dots, 4 tokens

Now jump between the saw and go around to the right. Jump over them when they
come around. Jump up at the end and make your way down the branch. Take the
B-Doings up and then bounce over to the token. Make your way back down and onto
the B-Doings, and bounce UP to the top of THIS tree. Rev roll across the gap.
Butt-Bounce the Pac-Bear and then get the checkpoint on the next tree. Jump to
the branches and collect all the boxes. You'll see a ledge you can shimmy around
on. Carefuly jump down and grab the edge. Shimmy over and you find a token. Jump
down and shimmy back over to the left. Get to the top of this tree and kill the
Pac-Bear. Ignore the B-Doing and jump across to the next branch and across to
the galaxian. Complete the level of course. Now bounce on down. You're at an
earlier part of the level now. Keep on going back to the tree with the two saws
and go the other way this time: onto the B-Doings and down to the next

TOTALS: 5 cherries, 6 strawberries, 5 oranges, 4 apples, 3 melons,
176 pac dots, 5 tokens

Rev roll across the gap. If you roll to the right a little there is a token in
the air. It's hard to collect the token and still make it across the gap, but
it's the only way. If you make it across without getting the token, don't worry.
Just take the angled B-Doings to the left and bounce from one to another all the
way over to the top of a tree eariler in the stage. There is a token and
checkpoint here. Now you have to go all the way back AGAIN. When you get back to
where you were, if you missed the token the first time, then either get it now
or you'll have to come back for it later. Rev roll across the gap pointing AT it
and then veer back over to the left. Now rev roll back to where the angled
B-Doings were and jump to the branch of the next adjacent tree. Shimmy along the
tree to collect the last of the pac dots. Jump up onto the branch. You'll see a
token in the air right off the far end of this branch. To get it, carefully jump
out, and then swing back. You have to do it just perfectly. Once you've gotten
it make your way to the top of the next tree. Look around and you'll see that
you can take a branch over to another tree top. Go there. Across the net is the
end of the stage. You should have collected everything.

FINAL TOTALS: 5 cherries, 6 strawberries, 5 oranges, 4 apples, 3 melons,
194 pac dots, 8 tokens.

TIME TRIAL: Keep going along the branches and collecting the clocks just like
you collected the fruit in the normal mode. When you reach the B-Doings, take
them 2 at a time, which means skip the middle one. Eventually you'll reach a
ramp. Go across. Get the box because there's a "4" clock in it. Keep going and
cross the gap with the B-Doing. Collect two of the clocks on your way around and
keep going. It's tough to get all the clocks on the next few branches without
getting hit, but try to because they are a big help in the end. It's easiest if
you hang off the side of the branch until just the right moment and then hop up
and grab the clocks. Do the best you can and make your way to the top of the
tree and get the clock in the box. Keep going along the level and take the paths
that lead directly to the goal. If you aren't sure which paths they are, then
just remember that after the tree with the two saw going around, take the
B-Doings DOWN and rev roll across the gaps and keep going forward and back up.
At this tree, at the top, don't jump to the top of the tree, go along the branch
and jump to the next tree. The goal is across the net here. This is a pretty
tough time trial, so you'll have to practice it and know exactly what to do.
Don't hesitate ever. Often getting out of the way clocks is not worth it, and
you'll be better off speeding through the stage.


Hit the orange switch and a steel ball will appear. This makes you unable to get
hurt by the saw and the flames. Quickly make your way up the branches to the
blue switch. Hit it. A bunch of fruit will appear, the flames will go away, and
the blue switch at the beginning of the stage will pop up. Make your way back
down. At the first buzz saw you see going down, there is a token on the far end
of the branch. You have to jump out, grab it, and swing back and grab the edge.
There are two more tokens just like this on your way down. Don't miss them. Once
you're back at the beginning of the stage, hit the blue switch and take the pac
chain to a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 1 cherry, 3 oranges, 75 pac dots, 3 tokens

Rev roll to the angled B-Doing. Just land on it and make sure you're safe. Look
to the right. There is a rope there. Jump to it. Walk across the rope carefully
and you'll get to a tree with a spider on it and a chest. You need an apple to
open the chest. Remember this place. Now go back over to the angled B-Doing and
bounce up. Land on the next B-Doing. Look around. There is a tree you can jump
down to. Instead of bouncing on this B-Doing, jump and bounce down on it. Get
the 1-Up and rev roll over to a tree. You can get an apple here! Now jump up to
the ledge with the pac dots and shimmy across. Jump onto this branch. Now, from
here try and turn the camera around so that you can see some of the trees on
earlier parts of the level. You have to jump from here back down to them. It's a
little tough, but if you don't make it next time you can just skip the part with
the rope and go straight for the apple. I just wanted you to see what you were
jumping back for. Once you get the apple and make it back over, go to the rope
again and kill the spider and open the chest. This is the galaxian. Complete the
level and it counts as a checkpoint. The spider is right there when you come out
which is very cheap, so kill it again.

TOTALS: 1 cherry, 3 oranges, 1 apple, 85 pac dots, 3 tokens

Make your way back to the angled B-Doing and bounce to the top of the tree with
the orange switch on it. Hit this to make a steel ball appear and use it to
collect all the pac dots and oranges on the tree across the gap. Now time for a
well token. Bounce on the blue B-Doing and look around carefully. There is a
stump with a green button on it in the distance. To get there you have to fall
down into the pit near you onto some angled B-Doings. They will take you to the
stump where you find 8 1-Ups and a token! This is a great place to build up
extra lives if you keep on dieing and coming back. Ok, now once you're done here
bounce over and you'll be standing in front of the net. But, there are things
you missed behind you! Jump backwards onto the red B-Doing and back again to hit
a checkpoint. There is a token and some fruit on the lower branches, but to
safely get them you need a steel ball. You should have a lot of lives now, so
you can risk jumping back even though you can't turn the camera here to see. If
you jump diagonally back and right, you'll hit a red B-Doing that will take you
back. Go back and get another steel ball. Quickly bounce up on the blue and red
B-Doings to the top of the tree. Now, jump down to the B-Doing and then backward
onto the saw branches. Just jump all the way down and to the branch with fire on
it, getting all the fruit. There is a token down here. Jump out and collect it,
hopefully with your steel ball in effect. If it wears off you'll get hit and
possibly you will lose a life. It is possible to get all the fruit and token
without a steel ball, but you'll get hurt at least once one the fire branch.
Once you have everything, get back to the red B-Doing and continue on down the
net. There is a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 1 cherry, 3 strawberries, 7 oranges, 2 apples, 113 pac dots, 6 tokens

Get the box and go along the paths with the saws and the rope. Go left at the
fork. You'll come to a pac maze type area. Try to eat all the ghosts with one
Power Pellet for max points, but don't worry too much if you can't. They like to
be annoying and hang out over the pit so it's hard to eat them. Once you have
everything head back and go right at the fork. You now bounce over to another
check point. Too early to total it all up again. Notice the blue switch. Go up
and you'll see fire branches that you can't pass. You have to shimmy along the
outside and you'll reach an orange switch. Like always, it makes a steel ball
appear. You have to get this and quickly head back so that can make it across
the fire branches. Hop from one to another and then to another tree where you'll
eventually reach a blue switch. The fire turns off and the other switch pops up.
Go back down to it. This time no fruit or tokens appear, though. A pac chain
appears when you hit this switch. Take it to the top and you reach a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 5 cherries, 4 strawberries, 8 oranges, 2 apples, 2 melons,
225 pac dots, 6 tokens

Take the angled B-Doing over to another and bounce again. You'll go over a tree
with two boxes on it. When you're right over it bounce down. One of the boxes
has a token in it and the other a Pac-Cub. Now look around and you'll spot a
nearby angled B-Doing. Hop over to it and you'll bounce to a new part of the
level. There are bats here. To defeat bats get right under them and jump and
immediately push B to do a flip kick. You'll reach a checkpoint when you cross
the next rope. Go down first if you want to kill the guys there for more points,
or just go up if you don't care about points. There is no fruit down. When you
go up turn right and you'll find a token in the box on the tree there. Go left
and you'll come upon another tree with a saw on it and a checkpoint. There is a
path leading down, but don't take it because there's nothing there at all.
Instead head over to the next tree and shimmy along the ledge you find. This
leads to the end of the stage.

FINAL TOTALS: 5 cherries, 4 strawberries, 8 oranges, 2 apples, 2 melons,
243 pac dots, 8 tokens

TIME TRIAL: Get the steel ball and then hit the clock after. I ran through the
stage straight through to the part where you roll down the net without getting
any clocks. All of the clocks were just out of the way and not worth it. After
you roll down the net, get the box and collect all the clocks along the way. Go
right at the fork. Bounce across as fast as possible. Open the box closer to the
trunk of the tree for a "4" clock. NOW you're SUPPOSED TO make your way around
and hit the orange switch for a steel ball so that you can go through the flames
quickly. But, this is a very hard time trial and you can save TONS of time by
just quickly going through the fire without the steel ball. If you are at full
life, it is possible, and it saves you about 20 seconds! Now, at the blue
switch up top, there is another nasty little secret discovered by "inio". At
the blue switch up here you can simply make a blind jump to the right and
land right on a later section of the stage where the bats are. With these two
time saving tips, you're going for record time! Go up from here and then left.
Watch out for the saw, and go up to the next tree. Shummy along the ledge and
keep going up after that. Much like the last stage, at the top instead of
jumping onto the top of the tree you're standing on, turn around and jump to the
tree behind you and run across the net to the exit. Unless you used my strat
where you ran right throught the flames, you probably won't have a best time. If
you took the two shortcuts you should annihilate the time.


Second boss level. Rev roll into his mouth two times using the ramps. Now you
have to hit him in the head with a butt-bounce. Go to the edges of the stage and
bounce off the B-Doings. If you time it right you'll fly over his head and you
can bounce onto his head. After two hits he's in his final form. Do the same
thing as you did with his first form only this time you have to time it just
perfectly so that a blade isn't coming out of his mouth when you hit him. You'll
recieve the golden strawberry.


First thing to do here is turn off to the left. Fall down and you'll be on a
path going along the side of the level. Follow to it to a box with a token
inside. That's all that's down here. Continue forward. Take out the rams by
waiting for them to charge and then rev rolling into them. When they're stunned
butt-bounce on them. They usually hold fruit so make sure to always kill them.
Go up the hill. There will be a pit with fruit coming out of it. Jump into the
it and you'll see that on the bottom there are two blue B-Doings. Collect all
the fruit. Land on the other side where the ram is and take him out for a 1-Up.
Keep going up. There is a blocked off mine shaft. It can't be here for no
reason, right? Right. There is a pink shrink power-up above! Jump up and get it.
Walk through the rocks now. You'll find a crate with the galaxian in it! Once
you won the level a warp will appear that takes you back outside and you should
go up the icy slope now. Defeat the ram again if you want another 1-Up. Go up
the hill by jumping across the rocks embedded in the ice. If you fall on ice,
remember never to butt-bounce on it. You'll slip down if you do. To walk up it
you just jump slowly up. Keep going up til you reach a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 3 cherries, 5 strawberries, 1 orange, 4 apples, 55 pac dots, 1 token

Keep going. You'll reach a Power Pellet. Grab it and run quickly up til you get
to a ghost. Eat him and then backtrack to pick up what you missed. After that
look to the side and you'll see a crate by the wall. Jump to it across the ice.
Inside is a token and it also makes a pac chain appear. It's a short chain that
just takes you back to the nearest rock. Continue on up and you'll get swamped
with snowballs. They're hard to avoid but do your best. Right up there is
another checkpoint. From here you can rev roll into the ram and then take him
out. Open the box and there's a ram inside. Defeat it for a token. Collect any
pac dots you missed. Head over to the left now. There is a strawberry on a rock.
You'll also see a winding path that leads farther up. Take it. You can jump up
it or rev roll up, your choice. Rev rolling is a little easier. Bear left and
you'll land in the snow on on the left side. Jump to the crate. This crate also
contains a token and a pac chain. This one takes you back to where you left
off. Keep climbing. Jump back and forth between the gaps til you've gotten all
the pac dots. This can be tricky. You have to jump just perfectly to get them
all. Don't get hit by the fishes or you could get knocked right in the deadly
water. Once you finally make it to the top you reach a ram. Defeat him for a
token. The get the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 4 cherries, 9 strawberries, 2 oranges, 7 apples, 200 pac dots, 5 tokens

Moving on up, there is a box with a ram in it. He has a 1-Up. Now there is a
short section like the one you just finished. It's a lot easier. Move on up and
go around the icy pool onto the rocks and hit another checkpoint. A ghost up
farther will be shooting at you, but get the Power Pellet and eat him and his 3
friends. You'll find ANOTHER checkpoint. Rev roll the ram and take him out, and
get all the pac dots. Now it's on to another annoying jumping section. You get
unlimited tries at this, though, because the ram has a 1-Up. It's not so hard
because it's very short. Now there are a bunch more ghosts to eat and two more
checkpoints. This is because of all the checkpoints. Go all the way to the top
of the hill. There is a big icy section at the top. Jump or rev roll up it,
avoiding the icy water by going to the right. The crate up here has a token and
a pac chain in it. Sometimes it makes you take the pac chain without collecting
the token. Make sure you got it, and if not go back for it. Now take the path
off to the side if the level. There is a crate with a strawberry and one with a
token by the sign. The last token is in the Pac-Bear. Rev roll into him three
times. The exit is behind him.

FINAL TOTALS: 6 cherries, 11 strawberries, 2 oranges, 8 apples, 333 pac dots,
8 tokens

TIME TRIAL: This is very straightforward but VERY difficult. Often the smallest
tiniest mistake ruins your time and you have to start over. If you mess up just
exit and try again. From the start, lure the first ram you see behind you before
getting the clock. Don't kill him, just jump over him. Now stand right in front
of the clock and start a rev roll. Face the cherry. Blast through the clock to
start the timer and you should bounce right through the "2" clock as well. Swing
around the tree and rev roll up the hill immediately. It will take two rev rolls
to get all the way up. At the top roll through the "2" clcok and jump right. If
you do the right, the timer should only be at 3 for this part. The rest of the
level up to the end is jumping from rock to rock avoiding fish and collecting
clocks in between. When you see a power pellet, get it and eat the ghost to
shave off 4 seconds. Don't stop moving unless you have to to wait for a fish.
Often it's a good idea to rev roll up the slopes at parts with no water. For
example, as soon as you get up past the avalanche, rev roll up through the ice
and onto the far platforms. You can get shave off probably 5 seconds doing that.
Don't bother with the crates because they're usually just a ram. If you fall off
you'll probably have to start over. Timing is everything. After a long climb,
you'll reach the top where you need to head left. Rev roll over there and pray
that you made it in time. Make sure you don't go too high. The exit path is
lower than you might expect it to be. You might have to practice this level a
LOT before you ever get the finish fast enough.


WARNING: There appears to be a bug on this stage on the PS2 version of the game.
I do not think it happens on the GC but if it happens to you let me know. The
bug is that at the last checkpoint, if you get to it and die, when you restart
you will be missing a single pac dot! This will prevent you from getting 100%
unless you don't die in the final section.

Jump up and grab the power pellet. It's a little hard to reach, but if you do a
bounce you should get it faster Quickly eat all four ghosts. Run down and get 6
pellets and the strawberry and cherry. The snowball should have fallen now so
just go as fast as you can. Veer to the left so that you go over the center of
the ice and collect the strawberry. Continue on and get an apple and then
another apple. Do not touch the ice or else you'll miss the cherry! Get the
strawberry and go across the tiny bridge and get the 6 pellets and cherry. JUMP
over the center of the bridge. Collect another apple. Jump to get the token and
then when you get to the cliff jump down and do a bounce onto the apple. Keep
getting the pellets and make sure to veer over to the right and get the apple
and then keep going. Get another apple. Now, the next part is tricky because you
have to collect everything without touching the ice! There is a cherry there
too. Now the rest should be easy. Keep getting pellets and a strawberry and a
token and then another strawberry. Hit the red dot and fly across the pit. Along
the chain you'll collect another apple and strawberry. You now get to a

TOTALS: 6 Cherries, 6 Strawberries, 7 Apples, 63 Pac Dots.

There is a very short section now like the one you just completed, and it's a
lot easier, too. Once you're across the pit, it's over. Head on down and collect
everything on the islands. You reach another checkpoint. Now there is a section
with icy islands. To maintain control here keep jumping over and over. If you
miss a fruit or token you can't come back for it so fall in the pit and try
again. There will be a 1-Up next to you when you restart anyways. Also, it goes
without saying that you need to get all the fruit above the B-Doings. Once you
get to the end bounce on the B-Doings and o the left. Before hitting the
checkpoint, kill the ram and take his fruit. Now hit the checkpoint. You can
get the 1-Up in front of the statue as well but if you get hit by his breath
you'll be knocked off the cliff.

TOTALS: 11 cherries, 18 strawberries, 22 apples, 1 melon, 63? pac dot,
5 tokens

Look up on the hillside now. There is an apple there that you can't jump to. To
reach it, you need to rev roll. Rev roll at it from the slope where the
avalanche was. Going straight up the hill probably won't work. Continue along
and defeat the ram. He holds a token. Watch out for falling snowballs. Get the
box and now you'll come to a ramp that you have to rev roll over. If you get hit
by the statue's breath, you're in the pit so time your roll for in between his
breaths. It's difficult to collect both fruit but you have to do it in one rev
roll or else there's no way to get back without falling in the pit. Try not
revving all the way or pushing jump after you hit the first piece of fruit.
Often you'll fly over the cherry if you are going too fast. Jump in the pit
if you miss one and want to get them both. The next part looks complicated but
it really isn't. Jump into the pit where you see fruit coming out and bounce on
all the B-Doings to collect it all. After you have it all fall onto the red dot
to initiate the pac chain. As soon as you land rev roll the ram and kill him,
then jump over his friend. Take out the second ram now and keep going. You'll
reach a checkpoint.

TOTALS: 15 cherries, 23 strawberries, 29 apples, 2 melons, 63? pac dots,
8 tokens

Go to the edge of the cliff and look down. There is a section below you! Jump
down to it. Defeat the ram and go in the little cave and break the box. Take
everything you see and then leave. The glaxian is now sitting before you! You
should be getting pretty good at these now. Win the maze, but like usual when
you come out the enemies are back, this time it's that ram again. Beat him
for some easy points and take the pac chain. You'll be greeted by two rams. Do
your best to avoid them and defeat them. Just watch out if they get too close to
the edge. Now take the angled B-Doings to another checkpoint.

TOTALS: 17 cherries, 24 strawberries, 30 apples, 2 melons, 152 pac dots,
8 tokens

Now there is a more difficult snowball section. Luckily, you get unlimited
tries! Watch out for the falling icecicles in the first part. If you run in
front of the blowing statues they can blow you and give you some breathing room,
but watch out because sometimes they blow you too far! In general, you can let
the first one blow you but the others I'd avoid because they very often mess you
up. In general, never let them blow you when you're airborne. You'll fly past
everything. When you're running through a chain of pac dots avoid touching any
ice patches or else you'll slide past things. Once you get far enough you'll see
a geyser. Jump over it to grab the fruit. Then you'll cross a bridge. Jump over
the center of it and then bear right. There's another geyser and if you don't
know it's coming you might miss it. This is almost the end. Once you get a
little farther you'll see a pac chain. Take it and you're done with this part.
Grab the fruit in the boxes and hit the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 18 cherries, 31 strawberries, 35 apples, 2 melons, 227 pac dots,
8 tokens

This next section is like the last only there are 3 1-Ups along the path. It's
almost impossible to avoid the statues here but luckily they don't blow you too
far here as long as you're not airborne. After the third blowing statue, there
is a line of pac dots. Follow them and now be careful! Keep left and jump if you
have to. It's easy to slide into the pit. Once you've passed this you're almost
home-free. Just follow the pac dots and keep RIGHT! It's very easy to get
confused and go left but that'll be the end of you. Once you make it to the end
there's a pac chain that leads to the goal. Hopefully you didn't miss anything.

FINAL TOTALS: 24 cherries, 33 strawberries, 36 apples, 4 melons,
297 pac dots, 8 tokens

TIME TRIAL: This is hard because you have to do everything without dieing. From
the start touch the timer clock and then bounce for the power pellet. Eat the
ghosts to stop time and rev roll a few times to save some time. Follow the path
of the clocks to keep time moving slowly. The clocks are all in the same places
as the fruit was, so if you just completed this stage you should have a good
idea of where to move. Once you pass the first section open the boxes for some
"2" clocks and keep going. There is a short section where you're chased again.
Bear right and then the screen flips around. Jump to the island and wait for it
to move a little before jumping to the next. Keep going and break the middle box
for a "4" clock. Keep opening boxes and collecting clocks. Avoid the second box
though because it's just a health wedge. Speed down the ice as quick as you can
without falling, and quickly bounce across to more ice. Make it to the second
set of B-Doings and bounce up to the right. Rev roll to go quicker on the snow.
Don't open the box before the ramp. Go across the ramp when it's safe and go
fast as you can. Jump straight in the pit and bounce straight across on a
B-Doing. Rev roll across the snow and avoid the rams by jumping. Hit the angled
B-Doings and run in the cave. Here's the hardest part now. Do this section the
same way as before except this time try and have the blowing guys send you as
far as possible. Because you don't have to stop to pick up anything, it's a
little easier to stay in front of the snowball this time than it was in the
normal mode. At the end is the hardest part I think: hitting the red dot. It's
hard to tell where it is exactly. It's sort of over the pit and straight ahead,
but if you miss it you die. If you make it you're heading towards the final


You're on ice skates here, and the first thing you'll notice is that you can't
butt-bounce. You'll have to open crates with flip kicks which is a little harder
to do. Practice it on the nearby crate. Also note that you cannot rev roll here.
Carefully go down the hill and get used to the skates. Go slow at first so that
you don't miss anything. If you pass things you can go back and get them but
there's a limit to how far you can go backwards. If you miss anything swing back
around as soon as you can to get get it. Don't make sudden movements if you want
to go right through everything the first pass. Gently move the analog the
slightest bit to turn. After a little while you'll reach the checkpoint.

TOTALS: 6 cherries, 4 strawberries, 42 pac dots

The next section is very hard to collect everything on. Once you reach the ramp
you'll have to be going just right to eat all the pac dots. If you miss one down
here it is possible to make your way back up the hill a little ways but it's not
easy. You'll have to spin back up the hill and veer over to the right side (left
if you're facing uphill) Pac Man can climb slowly back up along the side. Then
swing back over when you get high enough and sometimes you can get dots you
missed. On the ramp, you'll want to jump off the top and flip kick to get the
box. Keep going and there'll be another ramp. This one you won't be able to get
the box unless you speed into it, but that makes getting the pac dots harder.
You'll have to though, and later on it gets worse. Speed up into the jump by
pressing forward. You'll notice that there is a path to the left and a treasure
box on top of a cliff next to this jump. There is a token in the treasure
box and a crate with a token on the path. I suggest you go back for them later.
It's almost impossible to get all the tokens and the pac dots/fruit on the same
run. Just keep going. The next gap you need good speed for as well. The boxes
over the next two contain a 1-Up and a token, so you do not need them to get the
bonus token. On the last gap with the token, you can go slow into the jump and
land on the ice island if you want to play it safe. Remember the bonus token is
for getting all the pac dots and fruit. You can come back and collect all the
tokens later with no penalty. After this you'll come to a cave. This is like the
first cave and you should now find it extremely easy compared to the last
section. Don't get sloppy, though. A little ways down and you finally reach a

TOTALS: 11 cherries, 9 strawberries, 1 orange, 2 apples, 114 pac dots,
(3 tokens)

The next part you need to be speeding into the jumps to make it across. The
first two boxes contai

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