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  Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - FEBRUARY 2012 UPDATE [trainer +15]
|> ============
|> GAME: Call of Duty - MODERN WARFARE 3
|> PUBLISHER: Activision
|> VERSION: UPDATE ~Feb 2012
|> (High patch-rate!)
|> OPTIONS: 15
|> DATE: 07-02-12


1) Start the game and trainer (in any order!)
2) Refer to the hotkeys below (or on the trainer)
3) Enjoy it!


Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
Laptop users may need to plug in a USB keyboard to get these keys.

It's always a good idea to disable trainer options when they aren't
needed (this goes for any game+trainer), to eliminate the chance of
side-effects. This trainer has been coded so that such things should
not ever occur, however, we are making the game do things it wasn't
supposed to do. So bear this in mind!

Hotkey Option
------ ------

Num1 God Mode [TOGGLE]
Num2 One-Hit Kill [TOGGLE]
Num3 Adrenaline Mode [TOGGLE]
Num4 Super Speed [TOGGLE]
Num5 Super Jump [TOGGLE]
Num6 Low Gravity [TOGGLE]
Num7 Infinite Ammo [TOGGLE]
Num8 No Reload [TOGGLE]
Num9 Infinite Nades [TOGGLE]
Num0 Super Accuracy [TOGGLE]
Num . Rapid Fire [TOGGLE]
Num + Quick Reload [TOGGLE]
F1 No Recoil [TOGGLE]
F2 Bullet-Time [TOGGLE]
Num / [Teleport] Save Position
Num * [Teleport] Load Position
Num - [Teleport] Undo Load Pos

Detailed Notes

God Mode: This will make you invincibile. It should work against
all types of damage, except times when you die from a script or
story event (when the game forces you to die basically). This
is particularly cool, because bullets will pass through you!

One-Hit Kill: Allows you to take out enemy soliders in one hit.
May not work for special story, or non-human, targets.

Adrenaline Mode: When your health becomes critical, you will enter
into a slow-time mode (simulating a speed up in your soldier's
reactions / adrenaline). Now you have longer to think, plan a
strategy, prioritise targets and take everything out!

Super Speed/Jump/Low Grav: These options do exactly what they say.

Infinite Ammo/No Reload/Nades: These options allow you to keep
shooting forever. They'll also top up your ammo if you're low.

Super Accuracy: If you've ever wondered what it would be like to
have a perfect aim/no spread cheat, then try this. You don't know
what you're missing out on. You'll be able to keep firing and move
without a loss in accuracy. Great for big-recoil weapons!

Rapid Fire: A timeless classic of a cheat, which you may remember
from console cheat devices (and rapid-fire gamepads! no?! OK..)
This will discharge your gun clip extremely fast right into an
unsuspecting enemy - nailing them with bullets. I'd recommend
making sure no reload/infinite ammo is enabled though.

Quick Reload: This code will cut down on the downtime you have when
reloading a weapon. You won't have to wait until the full animation
of the reload is done, before you can start firing again. It's a
great option to enable for another combat advantage in the field.

No Recoil: This is great when combined with super-accuracy and even
rapid-fire and ammo perhaps. This will remove 100% of the recoil
normally kicked out by the guns when firing, so you can stay on
target with every shot. Precision sharpshooting or what!

Bullet-Time: This option gives you the power to slow down the game
world, giving you more time to make decision and place shots. This
is similar to the adrenaline option, but instead of only kicking in
when critically hurt, it'll do it with a buttonpress - on demand!

Teleport system: The save/load/undo hotkeys are used to activate the
teleport system options. The first will store your current location
into memory, to restore later with the second option. If you wish
to return back to where you were (1-stage back) then use the last
option, undo. You can use this to quickly move between two points.
Note: You can't teleport between different loads/saves, inside and
outside of buildings?, or perhaps between very large distances of
the game world. Doing so may cause you to be thrown off the game
map, through the floor, or just get you stuck or a cause a crash,
so just use a little common sense with the teleport cheats. It's
best used, I think, for jumping around enemies, attacking them
from all angles, while in combat!

Hopefully, this trainer will be a great addition to one of the
most anticipated games of the year!


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