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  Final Fantasy XIII-2 [trainer +14]
[PC] Final Fantasy XIII-2 trainer +14 (for Steam Version 1.0)

Enable Trainer – F1 Enable/Disable
Unlimited Health – F2 Enable/Disable
No ATB Consumption – F3 Enable/Disable
Fast Chain Gauge Charge – F4 Enable/Disable
Unlimited Chain Gauge Time – F5 Enable/Disable
Freeze Enemies In Battle – F6 Enable/Disable
Infinite Feral Instict Charge – F7 Enable/Disable
Fast Kill – F8 Enable/Disable
Unlimited Items – F9 Enable/Disable
Unlimited CP – F10 Enable/Disable
Unlimited Guil – F11 Enable/Disable
Freeze CronoRadar And Enemies When Popped Up – F12 Enable/Disable
Random Encounter Rate Modifier – 3 Enable/Disable

When Random Encounter Rate Modifier Is Enabled :
No Random Encounters – 4 Enable
Always Random Encounters – 5 Enable

Note : If game is launched and in the trainer game NOT running don’t disappears try to launch the trainer as administrator.

by YelloTrainer

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